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Friday, June 25, 2010


Stephen Sparrow

The Sophie Scholl film is not to be missed. There is a scene which will always stay with me and that is when the interrogator finished his work with Sophie, trying to get her to betray others in the movement (I think) in exchange for being spared execution - Sophie refuses & in exasperation he goes to the sink in the room and washes his hands - very symbolic.

Jakob Knab

You might also be interested in this eulogy:

Ed Peters

Fine film.

Stephen Sparrow

Thanks Jakob for that link - beautiful story


"So there you have it, a very interesting direct link between three greats: Newman, Sophie Scholl and Joseph Ratzinger"

...and JPII. See his "Splendour of Truth" where he quotes "A letter addressed to His Grace the Duke of Norfolk". That is the letter where the Duke speaks about thew relationship between conscience and obedience.

The quote is just before the beginning of Chapter II, Point 1: "Freedom and the Law".


This is the link to the letter that Cardinal Newman wrote to the Duke of Norfolk about the "divided allegiance" of Catholics and, top famous, about the problem of conscience vs obedience to the Pope. That must have been a really hard nut to crack, and he did it and did it so well that even JPII looked him up for know-how.

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