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Friday, June 04, 2010


Paul H

Hi Carl,

I'm looking for a classical music recommendation, and I think that you would be a good person to ask.

Despite my very large and fairly diverse CD collection (though not nearly as large as your collection), I own only a handful of classical CDs. I have Stravinsky's Firebird Suite and Rite of Spring, Beethoven's 5th and 6th symphonies, Mahler's 1st and 2nd symphonies, Shostakovich's 5th symphony, Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition, and just a few others.

(As you might be able to tell, my choices of classical music have been influenced by my love of progressive rock. For example, Yes used to open their concerts with an excerpt from the Firebird Suite, and ELP recorded a version of Pictures at an Exhibition.)

I'm not looking to greatly expand my classical collection. However I have known for quite some time that I am completely missing two of the best and most essential classical composers, namely Bach and Mozart. Can you recommend a few "essential" CDs of Bach and Mozart for me to buy -- preferably narrowed down to no more than two or three CDs for each composer if that is possible?

Mark Brumley

Some of that music is syncopated. Syncopation is diabolical.

Carl E. Olson

Syncopation is diabolical.

Bill Gothard is in the house!

Christopher Lake

Carl, you have some great, very eclectic musical tastes! I will take note of this list for future purchases!

If you haven't heard her, you might want to check out the all-over-the-place musical stylings of Janelle Monae. She's a 20-something African-American mixer of '80s new wave, rock, soul, Broadway-esque theatrics, and a touch of hip-hop. Her song, "Sincerely, Jane," is an amazing, inspirational wake-up call to self-destructive youth. She's the most interesting, intelligent artist that I've heard from "popular music" in some time.

I guess I need to watch out for the Gothard patrol! :-)

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