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Tuesday, June 15, 2010



It might reflect Divine Judgement on bad taste...


It might even be God's way of giving this statue more attention. Sort of like martyrdom for statues. Just because something is destroyed does not mean it was offensive to God.

Carl E. Olson

It does raise the pressing question: Why hasn't the flood of rotten, tasteless Catholic "art" been consumed by flames from heaven...?

Gail F

Best comment I've read about it so far: "Others are saying it’s simply a miracle it didn’t get struck by lightning sooner, being the tallest object for miles around." It's at this blog, which also includes a link to a homemade video of the song "Big Butter Jesus" (do not listen if you do not find the title funny):

I live in Cincinnati and have driven by the statue many times. It was truly ugly, and it really did look like it was made of butter. We're all going to miss our weird landmark.


I think the man upstairs is getting serious about enforcing his commandment that: "You shall not make for yourself a graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above..

Mark Brumley

Gail F, you've got the best comment for my money.

Carl's comes in a close second.

Randy's is very creative.

Margaret's may well be correct, but it is hard to say.

Nephelometers, really? The Man Upstairs? Is that a metaphor or, oh no, an image, albeit verbal and conceptual, for God? Better be careful, lest your observation become a principle applied to your comment!

Catholic Art

there may be a grander purpose in the destruction of the fiberglass statue of the Lord.


Dennis Miller once showed a picture of this statue and offered this comment: "Look out, Jesus, that's quicksand!"

Brian J. Schuettler

Speaking of Saturday Night Live, I remember one time when Norm MacDonald was doing the news skit arounf Christmas time and he announced that Mariah Carey had come out with a Christmas album. Norm then said "Happy birthday, Jesus, O hope you like crap."


this was the one they called "touchdown" Jesus, so I don't mind seeing it go.

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