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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Ann Onymous

I was asked by a relative to be the baptismal sponsor for her child.

She has since passed away, and her husband is not an active Catholic. His influence has rubbed off on the child, who never received any of the other sacraments. He is now in his early teenage years and considers himself an atheist.

How can I be a good godparent to this child without overstepping my bounds?

Practical suggestions would be appreciated.

Kevin C.

Is there a canonical reason that members of a religious order should not be godparents? There isn't one cited such as with the other restrictions. It seems as though this would be up to the superior of a given order, or maybe delineated in the order's rules.

M. B.

"Bono of the rock band U2 was named godparent to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s twins..."

Actually, of these three, Bono is probably the likeliest to really return to the Church. The Catholic influence on U2's lyrics is certainly evident. Perhaps something to add to our prayer intentions. Wouldn't that be something?

Cristina A. Montes

"How can I be a good godparent to this child without overstepping my bounds?"

Pray for the child. Be his friend. I would also suggest giving him good books for Christmas or for his birthday, if he's the reading type.

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