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Thursday, May 20, 2010



I have just ordered my copy from Fishpond in Australia!


To the authors of this web-log,

Please excuse me for straying from the topic in this comment. However, I believe that an explanation for my past actions is in order. I have attempted to do just three things in my posts to Catholic web-logs: offer challenges to the echo-chamber and its talking-points; and warn about right-wing extremism that increasingly passes for of the Culture of Life; and urge Christians to listen to and talk with the Other for genuine truths and insights instead of demonizing or broad-brushing the Other.

I have been very awkward in past attempts. I trusted that I would be more careful and sober this time. Clearly, my efforts have been in vain. I have tried my best.

I do not want to contribute to noise, even if unintentionally. Rather, I wish to be a quiet witness to the Prince of Peace. I may abandon this 'blog altogether. I doubt that I will ever comment here again.



For those of us that own the individual volumes, is there anything extra included in the one volume set?

Dave Mueller

Woot! Can I assume that the work on the Old Testament is underway?

Mark Brumley


Some of the individual volume annotations have been revised--not a lot but some. Some of the essays have been revised--for example, the last supper essay in John, I think, has been significantly revised. There are others but I don't remember, off the top of my head.

Some of the intro essays have been revised and we added an essay on the Gospels by Curtis Mitch, which is very good. Plus, there is a concise concordance for the NT, a doctrinal index that was designed esp. for apologetics, list of Jesus' miracles and a list of the parables, and some great, new, full-color maps.

Plus, the text is larger for a wider range of readers to use the text easily and there's a little more margin space than the old booklets for those who want to write in the margins--though not as much as in the new Bible study version (8 1/2 x 11) of the booklets.

So, much is the same, but there are some important changes and additions to the booklets.

Dave: The Old Testament is underway. I just finished my edits of Genesis. Curtis is putting in a few corrections from the production department, and then its off to the regular production process for a fall 2010 release. I'm working through Exodus now and will send my comments to Curtis as soon as I can.

Probably 80% of the OT is done in first draft. We have to work through that still, which is some heavy lifting. But it looks as if the OT will run much, much more quickly than the NT. I can't give a project when the OT (and therefore the whole Bible) will be done and ready to print, but we're moving ahead as quickly as possible. I'd love to get feedback on which OT books people think we should publish as stand-alone volumes. Genesis, definitely. Likewise, Exodus. But I don't know what to think about Leviticus or Numbers. That sort of thing. Comments?


Mark, thanks for asking for feedback. I own all the individual Ignatius Study Bible volumes, and they are utterly terrific.

The books I would like to see first are the Deuterocanonicals. I have several nonCatholic study Bibles that I can at least refer to for footnotes on culture, traditions and archaelogy, etc. of Old Testament accounts. What I don't have is a really good commentary or footnotes for Maccabees, Tobit and the other Deuterocanonicals. That might be a marketing argument for producing those more so Catholics (and others) can enjoy the wealth of these mostly lesser known and lesser used books in a greater way by purchasing them as standalone study volumes.

Beyond those, I'd like to see these OT books first: Genesis, Exodus, Isaiah, Samuel 1-2, Kings 1-2, Chronicles 1-2, Micah, Daniel, Nehemiah, Ezra, Esther.

Keep up the blessed work!

Christopher Lake

I just want to take this opportunity to say that I am so thankful for the entire enterprise of Ignatius Press, including every single person who works for, or is in any way involved with, Ignatius. Your books are aiding me greatly in my return to the Church.

Approximately fifteen years ago, I was a young Catholic convert, out of a Godless worldview and lifestyle. However, unfortunately, my RCIA instruction was less-than-ideal, and due to both heretical misinformation and my own sin, I ended up leaving the Church. It was such a tragic choice, from my older, better-informed, present-day vantage point.

I remember, at one point, in those younger days, talking with a very well-known Jesuit (he used to work for "America" magazine) and asking him what he thought of certain Ignatius Press authors. He replied (and he, in his sense of superiority, probably thought he was being charitable) that they represented "the very best of pre-Vatican II thinking." Obviously, he didn't mean it as a compliment. Oh, that I had had the understanding of intra-Church struggles that I now have... That man was no help to me, and while I don't bear him any ill will, I do mourn for the damage that he and other professing Catholics caused to my faith.

I am greatly looking forward to the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible. Keep fighting the good fight, out of love for Jesus Christ and His Church. You are helping more people than you can know, this side of Heaven.


Mark, is it likely that the OT will come out in a volume such as the OT here?

For example, The Pentateuch in one volume, Wisdom books in one volume, etc.

Mark Brumley

Matthew: I don't think we'll publish an OT as such. Probably, once we have completed all the OT books, we'll just publish the whole Bible.

But we will be publishing individual books and probably some combination of books. We wont' do the Pentateuch, but we will do Genesis and Exodus, etc.

Terence M. Stanton


I received my paperback copy in the mail today. Thank you to everyone who made it possible. I am greatly looking forward to enriching my study of the Word of God.


Am I correct in my understanding that the paperback, hard cover, and leather versions are all identical in terms of content?

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