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Thursday, May 27, 2010


Paul H

I'm very excited about this. I'll be ordering it next month. Now if only I can find the time to read it and study it . . .

Nicholas Jagneaux

Carl, Mark, Fr. Fessio, and everyone who works at Ignatius Press:

Please let me echo Christopher Lake's comment -- "I am so thankful for the entire enterprise of Ignatius Press, including every single person who works for, or is in any way involved with, Ignatius.

Ignatius Press does outstanding work, and the Catholic Study Bible is a fine example of it. I want you to know that God has blessed your work, and it is bearing fruit in my life, and in the lives of countless others.

May God continue to bless you, and all of us through you.

Carson Weber

I hope that the paper this is published on is friendly to mechanical pencils. Unfortunately, the semi-gloss on the paper for the recent Ignatius Bible (RSV), 2nd Edition precludes me from making notes in the margins. Also, the margin space wasn't all that ample, so I'm hoping for additional margin space. Hoping Mark Brumley reads this.. *fingers crossed* *smile*

Sandra Miesel

Years ago I had the opportunity to fully examine a 13th C English Bible, the sort a scholar would have owned. Every book had corrections and marginal notes. Every book save one--Leviticus. That was pristine and uncorrected.

Mark Brumley

Carson: on paper, we've moved away from the shiny stuff--for the Study Bible, but also for the newer editions of the RSV 2CE. On margins, well, they are larger for the Study Bible than for the RSV2CE and for the original ICSB booklets. We had a bit of a tradeoff on the margins and text size. This is not a large print Bible, but it is larger than the text used in the RSV2CE and the original ICSB NT. Many people complained that the type font is too small in the booklets, esp the notes. They wanted something larger than what we had but not large print. I think we got the font size right. But it means we couldn't have huge margins--margins as wide as the new ICSB NT booklets (8 1/2 x 11 format)--those are huge. Still,the margins in the Study Bible NT are much better than the old ones and I tested them out for writing myself.



Is there anything else different about the RSV-2CE that is now being published as opposed to the one that came out a few years back? I was told that the current one is printed in the USA now, but is the cover still bonded leather?



I asked my mom for my birthday an Amazon gift certificate so I can buy this for everyone in my Bible study (and some other friends, and one for the Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Chapel). We've been using the booklet version "ICSB Letter to the Hebrews". Previously I'd led a study with the Gospel of John one. They are excellent. Since those booklets are just shy of $10 each and the ICSB New Testament is under $15 on Amazon I do think it's a great deal! I suspect you are going to be selling enormous quantities of these.

Paul H

This Bible came in the mail today (hardcover version), and it is beautiful! Thank you for the massive amount of work that obviously went into this publication.

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