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Thursday, May 06, 2010


Bradley J. Birzer

You're always an excellent writer, Carl. Here, you're at your absolute best. Thank you. You've given me the gift of hard, side-splitting laughter. A nice break from grading finals.

Christopher Lake

As a person with an English degree and a love for quality writing, I literally laughed out loud at this hilarious (and at least partially accurate!) observation:

"For those who are still with me, here's the deal: you've sold your soul and placed it in mortal danger of damnation and mockery by people who appreciate good literature."

I know that many people (maybe even most) could care less about how well a fiction potboiler is written. As a fan of Flannery O'Connor's and Walker Percy's works though, I inwardly cringe and postpone the urge to laugh when my evangelical Protestant friends recommend the latest "End Times" novels. They are just so terrible on so many levels!

Brian J. Schuettler

Wow! 666th book??? Meaning...there must be gobs of meaning to this. Maybe Mr. LaHaye is pointing to himself as the Anti-Christ??? No. Impossible. This whole never ending hack novelist "left behind" crap,excuse me, theology thing is just too pregnant with REAL MEANING and it makes me kind of tingle and I can't help but feel like it has been ripped from the headlines and i want to say so much more but it won't come out. You know what I mean?!? Now,finally,as an ignorant, stupid Catholic, I finally, FINALLY understand that I will be left behind eternally (or at least a thousand years-even after reading Carl's book I get confused so easily!-whatever) and I so deeply regret my insolence for as long as I have breath, and then I know I will be trampled and made an example of. Dear Lord, it hurts already! But it was worth waiting for...Thank you, Mr. laHaye, you are very in in WEIRD. Put in a good word for me with the Big Guy.

Sheryl D

By following this template but substituting "aliens" for "rapture," you can easily produce a Whitley Strieber book.

Charles Horn


Sandra Miesel

But are the LeHaye books really worse than IN THE TWINKLING OF AN EYE by Sidney Watson, from the time of WWI. (How can I forget that author's obsession with beautiful Christian maidens "stripped entirely naked" and sometimes smeared with honey?) We could take a vote for worst-ever apocalyptic books.

My son recently expressed the desire to go back in time and stop Darby in his tracks.

Salome Bintullah

"Nicolae Jetty Carpathia"? Seriously? Did they pay a fantasy-novel-obsessed fifth grader to come up with that name?


Your analysis of End Times fiction was spot on. Some folks, if they haven't actually read some of LaHaye's or Lindsey's work, may think that you're being unfair. But as someone who has been morbidly fascinated by End Times writing, I assure everyone that this is pretty much exactly how these guys write. Well done.

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