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Monday, May 03, 2010


Deacon Harold

Very exciting news! I have been a member of the CTS since 2002. Seeing two of my favorite Catholic publishers come together to form a new international apostolate warms the cockles of my heart!


I would strongly recommend that Ignatius also stock the leaflets:

They are inexpensive, easy to read and come in a great range of titles. I do my bit for evangelisation by purchasing them and putting them in my parish vestibule during the year. Some titles include - Novena for Pentecost, What Happens When I Die, Getting Married or Living Together, Why Not Women Priests.

Deacon Harold

Yes, Sharon, great idea!

Rich Leonardi

The Saints of the Isles mini-biographies, along with short histories on topics like the Reformation in England and the Crusades, are wonderful, though perhaps their appeal would be limited in the States.


I just got an email from CTS about this and I am THRILLED to hear this news, I live in Madison, WI and have been buying CTS leaflets and booklets for my parish which is on the UW-Madison campus and also to give away to the homeless. In my opinion they publish easily the best religious pamphlets in the English speaking world, they are really good reading. This seems like an ideal partnership, Ignatius and CTS.

I definitely second the commenter who said Ignatius should also stock the leaflets--perhaps after some minor editing of British spellings and references to certain UK-specific documents. There does not seem to be any fully equivalent range of leaflets from any US source. They clearly, concisely and pastorally present Catholic teaching on the Sacraments (ie "What is Confession?"), practice of the faith (ie "How to Pray"), key moral topics (ie "Get married or live together?"), oft-misunderstood aspects of Catholicism (ie "Why Priestly Celibacy") etc etc there are many of them. I believe they make a difference in my parish.

I hope many US parishes will get on board. I am also hoping the overall cost will be equivalent to what I currently pay buying them from CTS in the UK. Also, it would be a nice thing (but hardly essential) if the spellings, etc have been Americanized.

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