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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Clare Krishan

RE:"The only real resource is the human mind"
tell that to the million Irish who perished during an Gorta Mór ! Certainly Fr Schall is on to something when he highlights weaknesses in the Pontifical address to the social scientists, yet I cannot follow him when he discounts pontification on patrimony (future generations) as an ecological gripe. The Holy Roman Emperor's mother was a patron of a brilliant social scientist -- see "The Mises I Knew" Otto von Habsburg at -- whose "Austrian" school of thought holds much promise for analyzing the moral hazard implicit in a common good of the collective "dole" [centrally-planned aggregates, for example our fiscal system based on FIAT currencies] as opposed to the common good of family "gift" [subsidiarly-developed communities, for example, legal tender "scrip" at parochial schools]

For more on the Austrians diagnosis of what failed the Irish -- "Large chunks of land were given to Englishmen" -- read here:
|_ _|

Today large chunks of wealth accumulated in pension funds and savings deposits at exchange value of dates past (ie time value of present sacrifice for future welfare) are being "given" to the absentee 'fund'lords" of our monetary system to inflate away these "capital improvements" to the benefit of the impecunious -- by dictat not by charity. Neither Fr Schall, nor Prof Glendon, nor the Pope in his CinV encyclical has cottoned on to this forgery (governments, particularly the Chinese with the exclusive right to exercise force to impose social "conventions" [in the case of CCP, Marxism] are forging ahead with inflation by FIAT as monetary policy) see this Australian TV parody:
|_ _|

The time value of money is something key to the proper sense of "usurping" power, a monarch (or family patriarch, or owner of holy ground in the Holy Land) will forego a lot of present consumption to defend his patrimony against predation. A politician need not concern himself so much with the assets of the governed, he/she simply wants to stay in power, and will put the "family silver" in hock to do so... see
|_ _|

and weaknesses in argument re: "impoverished notion of economic life as a sort of self-calibrating mechanism driven by self-interest and profit seeking" see catallactics & just prices:
|_ _|

Clare Krishan

Here's an online review of the event by Prof. Glendon:

RE: Financialization. I look forward to reading the proceedings, particularly the central bankers privileged with informing the Academy re: fiduciary media and relationship to power to "produce" same. Do they recognize any culpability for the crisis, instituted by their personal FIAT to lend out funds they do not have deposited (fractional reserves) or credit certain accounts with wealth not yet earned by productive enterprise to create "liquidity" (trading in public indebtedness via Treasury bonds, as the Federal Reserve and European Central Bank have both embarked upon in recent years)?

We may yet drown in this sea of inflated liquidity... while others are already parched and perishing as the increased supply of fiduciary media (forged banknotes printed to cover the bailouts) permits traders to use them to inflate commodity prices... our sins abound, while the innocents suffer...


Clare, for a different take on von Mises, see "Ludwig von Mises versus Christ,
the Gospel and the Church." Here:

Robert Miller

I love Father Schall's commentaries -- even this one which saddens me greatly.

The real political issue for Catholics worldwide is: What are we to do in the political and cultural realm after the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire (which I date, at latest, to 1945). All of Catholic political speculation was premised, in the practical order, on the predominance of Caesar, until the 20th century. The modern states are not-Caesars, their supporting cultures Anti-Christ. I love Archbishop Chaput for his courage, but it will not do to dignify the US Republic with the name of Caesar.

JC Murray was delusional -- as are both his "conservative" and "liberal" disciples.

Our hope is in the masses breaking the borders erected in the 19th century by Gringos to cut Mexico off from its full extent (granted to Spain by the Holy Father).

Like the Germans, who were forced to give up their ill-gotten gains against Poland, the US eventually will have to give up its ill-gotten gains against Mexico/New Spain.

Arriba America Catolica! Viva Cristo Rey!

@ Government Too Much / Too Little

"There needs to be 'public intervention and the support of internalized moral standards'."

One could hope that the Pope's intended message is, "Where a society exhibits internalized moral standards, temporary public intervention may be supported."

Is the true crisis our evangelical failure? How does an anti-God culture "strengthen" government procedures when it has rejected the objective moral standards that would be its foundational strength? The economic crisis is the logical consequence of our moral crisis. Those minds now emptied of any understanding of human nature are incapable (conceptually and morally) of erecting a just economic order-- why would we invite their intervention? Such intervention, as Fr. Schall notes, erects a dangerous system of "procedures."

On the question of the global dimension of the Common Good-- of the Catholic concept of world government (Robert Hutchins and Jacques Maritain)-- how do we stifle a groan? The conspiracy fanatics have long held that the Catholic Church lusts for a world government run by its priest-henchmen. Again, we have an evangelical failure--Catholics want the world to be "one" but not by governmental fiat, rather, spiritually: One Body in Christ building a just social order.

However urgent the current crisis may seem to those who desire to follow ethical standards with attention to the Common Good, it is not so urgent that we should trust that those who seek to corral the marketplace via a world governance structure share our same vision of Common Good.

Clare Krishan

By the time of the much-acclaimed privatization (a.k.a. crony capitalism) policy of the Carlos Salinas administration (1988-1994), Slim was in position to purchase Mexico’s state telephone monopoly, Teléfonos de México—Telmex.

So Telmex was converted from a state monopoly to a private monopoly. It still controls 94 percent of all the fixed telephone lines in Mexico. Slim also has 80 percent of the mobile phone market.

Mexican free-market economist Silvia Luna explains what Telmex offers the Mexican telephone-user:

"Today Mexico faces the highest telephone charges in the Western Hemisphere and Telmex customers pay the highest telephone charge of the 30 countries of the OECD…"

"We Mexicans pay charges three times higher than the cell-phone users of Sweden and Denmark, which negatively affects the country’s competitiveness, while political influences block everyone who promotes competition." [Carlos Slim y su monopolio perfecto, Cato Institute, April 17th, 2006]

Clare Krishan

mea culpa - self-mutilated my opening paragraph with paste before cut! If I recall correctly, this is the jist of what it contained:

Jackson, Ludwig lost the entirety of his life-work to the machinations of Catholic-Christian Austro-tueton named Hitler, so I'm going to read with some compassionate forebearance his musings on spirituality. Einstein's laws of physics still apply even tho' his domestic relationships got fouled up though his own fault, indeed we humans can all use right reason fruitfully in some areas we're particularly gifted in, while getting royally-messed up in others we're less gifted in, God alone knows why. Hebrew heritage alone does not a freemason make, as many distributists in the Remnant mold would have us believe.

And Mr Miller, until Mexico is purged of the Maciel cult I'm not eager to accelerate any expansion northwards of New Spain (especially so long as world's richest man and Maciel-enabler Carlos Slim is pulling the strings). If this is what the government control of the market look like that the Pope desires, count me out of your Arriba America Catolica social justice movement.

Clare Krishan

One more obliterated snippet I failed to recall above: we have Mises to thank that the astute insights of Polish Catholic Carl Menger (who's social science is rooted in classical Aristotolean political categories) is still offering remedies to much of the muddled thinking in the economic "sciences" today. His epistemology of agency is clearly derived from human free will, contrary to the German Historical School's embrace of enlightenment Anglo-Saxon "invisible hand" voluntarism.

Clare Krishan

UK Jesuits and Edith Stein on "sovereignty"

Brian J. Schuettler

As a side bar to the current discussion and to tear away the veil of illusion that the Dodd Bill will "reform" any problems that our financial oligarchy have created, a short financial history lesson is appropriate. . The Banking Act of 1933 – Glass-Steagall – was a wonder of simplicity in a simpler era. It set forth in a mere 37 pages of text the safeguards necessary to separate commercial banking from everything else and to ably prevent for 66 years – two full generations – any meaningful implosion of the nation’s financial system. Any search for cause and effect of our current "Great Recession" must begin here. The useless financial reform act – the Dodd act – weighs in at a lobbyist-induced 1,500+ pages, and will do nothing to prevent another financial crisis, nothing to dismantle Too Big Too Fail, nothing to contain derivatives, nothing to audit the Federal Reserve and nothing to curtail abuses in consumer financial practices. True reform of the entire financial structure of this republic. if it still is one, is the foundation upon which we must proceed unless we callously invite a truly horrendous catastrophe.

On another note, to castigate Ludwig von Mises, regardless of how you feel about the Austrian School, as an opponent of Christ is extremely simplistic and implies that a brilliant economist had an agenda which cannot be discernibly proven based on all the evidence. If an argument is to be made, it should address the failures, as well, of the machinations of the Church in the political power struggles of the 19th-early 20th centuries monarchies.

Brian J. Schuettler

I regret the use of the word "machinations" in my previous comment. Perhaps a better phrase in substitution would be "financial collusion" and, to clarify, ...I am NOT referring to any popes personally, I am referring to the political power structure of the Church operating as humans independently from the Mystical Body of Christ which has remained and will remain pure and untarnished. Praised be Jesus!

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