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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Richard Bruce

In at least one, no doubt many, of the recent articles they argue that the sexual revolution started before the pill. The revolution really started roaring after the pill but antibiotics helped and they came out before the pill. So we can say it was the two p's the pill and penicillin that really got the sexual revolution of the 60's roaring.

When herpes came out in the 70's that should have ended the matter, but like the plagues of Egypt we have suffered VD plague after VD plague and we still do not understand that the logic of the sexual revolution no longer applies.

What we need is abstinence until stable happy marriage. One way to increase your chances for a stable happy marriage is met your mate in a church singles group. My parents met in a church singles group. The married couples formed their own group that still exists more than 50 years later. Of the couples that were active in the second group none divorced. Read more about it at my web site. Click on my name to get to my site.

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