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Monday, April 19, 2010


Brian J. Schuettler

Carl, you have the best title of the lot. I like that...contra mundum indeed. Things haven't changed much since Arius, they just have new names.


My two-cents on the sex abuse crisis is that sexual sin has not been taught for the past fifty years; therefore, children and adolescents have not had the weapons they have needed to fight back. They should have been able to say to Fr. Molester, "What you want to do is a mortal sin. You will go to hell, and you will NOT take me with you."

Manuel G. Daugherty Razetto

Great treat Carl with such panoramic array of varied observations. What caught my attention was:

Phillip Lawler assessment that Benedict XVI "undeniably lacked the charisma of his predecessor". I'd put that as objectionable.

George Neumayr correctly emphasizes citing BXVI as consequential in the restoration of Orthodoxy & Holiness to the Church; as well as the introduction of Cardinal Mahony's heir case to the Archdiocese of L.A., as incisive.

Fr James Schall presenting what is perhaps the most trying task for our Holy Father, cleaning and restoring the Episcopate during the present Crisis of our Church.

I can't help but joining Brian J.S.'s praise of your "Contra Mundum" label.

Carl E. Olson

A big hat tip to Catherine Harmon, managing editor of Catholic World Report, for pulling together these essays and for choosing a fine title for my essay. Folks who aren't subscribing to the print edition of Catholic World Report are missing out on a lot of great stuff!

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