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Wednesday, April 14, 2010



I am afraid that the line in the sand has been drawn and soon it will be Cardinal against cardinal, Bishop against bishop. Heaven help us!

Brian J. Schuettler

Such comments as these from C. George just add more confusion to the already overwhelmingly confused "pew Catholic". I am reasonably sure Cardinal Francis George is rapidly becoming Obama's favorite Catholic. There was a time, not so long ago, when a Cardinal recognized and dealt with "a lousy theologian, and a heretic". We need more bishops speaking Truth to power, not lapdogs.


With this clear, irrefutable evidence of Father Pfleger's heretical beliefs and scandalous example, there is no other choice than to place him on leave, order him to undergo a lengthy retreat under close spiritual direction, and reevaluate his faith and his vocation. A simple "I'm sorry" won't cut it. I won't believe him. The man makes it obvious that he does not have Catholic faith. He has no business serving as a priest, and it was probably a mistake to ordain him in the first place.


What a bunch of nonsense! So according to Cardinal George pretty much anyone who visits the sick and dying, counsels the young and troubled, and supports school children would make wonderful priests and deserve awards. This so called priest is disgusting but you know so is Cardinal George. He doesn't seem to know whom to serve or what being a priest means. Seems Cardinal George is part of the problem the church is facing. We do not need to ask for Pfleger to be disciplined when the one in charge of him does not want to do it. When I see Cardinals like these I remember the Cardinal at the end of 'A Man for all Seasons', who said, "If only I had served God as well as I served the King."

Why should anyone get a reward for doing what they are supposed to do anyway, LOVE!! So loving people of different races deserves a special reward??? I'm really scratching my head here.

It's hard not to feel discouraged! I still would never leave my faith, I could not abandon Jesus!

Lord Jesus Christ, son of the living God, have mercy on us!


THIS is the scandal of the Church, one all the bishops share in to a degree: refusing to discipline their own.

George says clearly "Fr. Pfleger is a Catholic priest and... like all good priests..." So Pfleger is a GOOD priest according to the Cardinal. Adherence to teaching is irrelevant. Orthopraxy is determinative. You can deny Church teaching as long as you are racially sensitive. Sad. "Ask his people. Ask the sick he has visited and the dying he has attended. Ask the troubled he has consoled. Ask the young people he has counseled and the school children he has supported." That same description could be given of a Planned Parenthood worker, or a member of the KKK.


If the Archdiocese of Chicago won't do anything about Father Pfleger, someone will simply have to go to the Papal Nuncio. The mechanism is in place.

It would seem that the entire Archdiocese could use a good scouring anyway. It is the Alinsky epicentre for all that has spread out through the entire American Church.

RealCatholicTV does a great job in its CIA series looking at the roots of the problems in the CCHD which go right back to the unholy alliance between Saul Alinsky and Bishop Bernard Sheil. Michael Voris pulls no punches, tracing the connections radiating outward in the clergy from Chicago through training from Alinsky in a network built by Msgr. Jack Egan under the protection of Fr. Ted Hesburgh at Notre Dame.

Father Pfleger is a product of that ongoing network and the radicalism that has eminated out of Chicago since Alinsky.

Yes, Cardinal George, Fr. Pfleger is a nice guy and cares for the poor, but he is still a heretic and continues to have a Catholic pulpit to preach it. He could do all the same ministry as a brother of a religious order without the pulpit.

The CIA series on youtube starts here;


I have sent an email to the archdiocese, who knows whether the cardinal will see it, and added a link to the pastoral role of bishops which included the following:

15. As those who lead others to perfection, bishops should be diligent in
fostering holiness among their clerics, religious, and laity according to
the special vocation of each.(11)

16. With active mercy bishops should pursue priests who are involved in any
danger or who have failed in certain respects.


If you're the local ordinary, you have to take action - and swiftly. Fr. Pfleger is teaching plain error.

Brian J. Schuettler

"I have sent an email ..."


I have sent e-mails to bishops over the years practically begging them to action against heretic priests. Good luck, but it is more likely than not already discounted as a intrusion of their "clerical pseudo-solidarity" by a "pious" lay woman. Piety is no longer a pneumatic Gift of the Spirit, you know, but rather an emotional artifact of the pre-V2 Catholic mentality. If you are upset, try to imagine how Jesus feels.

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