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Sunday, April 18, 2010



Today, however, we live in misanthropic, deeply downbeat times, where mankind is looked upon as a greedy, destructive, unreliable force whose behaviour and thoughts must be governed from without.

And yet they mock conservatives who can only see coercive statism and its ugly cousin totalitarianism on the horizon. That is the only place where their ideologies can lead.

Secularism is in crisis. We can only hope. And we can continue to offer our future-oriented faith to the many who are seeking hope.

The strange paradox in our society in which this secular humanism dominates, is the co-existent fascination, almost obsession, with end times, the end of the world, etc.

As Colin Donovan and Desmond Birch pointed out in their series on EWTN in 2004, The Last Things in Time and Eternity, our faith is eschatological from end to end. We have what they are looking for, despite the rantings of the angry atheists and the counterfeits offered by the New Agers.

It would seem that this is a great opportunity to escalate our evangelization, rather than to retreat into defensive mode because of the abuse scandals.


I wonder if O'Neill isn't living in another time. Secularists (via public schools and the corporate media) have now successfully raised two generations to make decisions based on feelings rather than evidence and reason. Dawkins and Hitchens do nothing so well as stir up feelings and prejudice. They have nothing to offer but hatred. That fuel burns hot but burns out. My suspicion is that at some point secularists promoted postmodernism because as modernists they were losing the fight with theists, and with Christianity in particular. (Recall the problems created for them by the Big Bang.) So the future just might be... faith?!


"So the future just might be... faith?!"

Well, I hope so. When I read writers like Brendan O'Neill and Nat Hentoff (who is an "atheist," but is also a staunch opponent of abortion, and a constant advocate for the First Amendment), I can't help but think that these are folks who, because of their stubborn sticking to principle, are just a few steps away from theism, and from there onwards to Christ. They're forceful in their support of Law and Principle, and while they may hold out until the bitter end, I don't see how folks like O'Neill and Hentoff can forever resist the question "If there is Law, Who is the Law-giver?"

If they were reading this, they might think I was being condescending, but if Anthony Flew can become a theist, then why can't they? I just pray they don't hold out forever.

"Dawkins and Hitchens do nothing so well as stir up feelings and prejudice."

I've been able to identify the precise tactic that they use in all their books and speeches, and you see it all the time in their disciples: righteous indignation. One could be forgiven for thinking that they coordinated with one another, because they all sound alike in their condemnations of Christian belief and ideas: how dare you attribute such-and-such to God, how dare you praise God despite Him doing such-and-such, how dare, how dare, how dare.

Sprinkle with childish mockery, and there's your post-modern secularist humanist anti-theist movement.

"It would seem that this is a great opportunity to escalate our evangelization, rather than to retreat into defensive mode because of the abuse scandals."


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