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Monday, April 26, 2010


Manuel G. Daugherty Razetto

Benedict XVI surprises us, one more time, with the creation of a new entity within the Curia: Re-Evangelization of traditionally Christian countries. We truly have a Pope that is a masterly innovator.

Christopher Lake

After a good while spent, this evening, on a message board, both voicing my pain for the victims of sexual abuse in the Church, *and* defending Pope Benedict against dissident Catholics, I am truly encouraged to come here and read this post. (It's funny-- one dissident man, in a Catholic seminary, claimed that prior to me, he had never heard anyone use the word "egalitarian" in a negative way. As if the concept is not a double-edged sword... and it is rightly *not* the primary characteristic of the Catholic Church, contrary to what many assert.)

The internet is a great tool for communication (and evangelization!), but once again, the Pope is so right-- as much as is possible, we need to see each other *face-to-face.* We need genuine, tactile human contact. I have friends who rarely shop in bookstores anymore, because buying books over the net is cheaper and easier. I can understand this line of thinking, to an extent, but what about the wonderful people whom they might have met, and friendships that might have been made, in those stores? One of my dearest friendships originated in trips made to an old-style, brick-and-mortar "record store"-- of the kind that are now more and more rare. Will humans (in the West at least) eventually do most of our "meaningful" interacting via computers? I dread the thought!

I also *love* the Pope's idea for "re-evangelization of traditionally Christian countries." (Maybe America is on the agenda?) 83 years old and still a keen, sharp thinker and observer! Thank God for him.

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