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Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Armiger Jagoe

I want you to know that in the current issue of The Joyful Catholic, I recommend your splendid site to my readers.
Armiger Jagoe, editor of The Joyful Catholic


Incredible!This is such a slap to Cardinal Mahony that he will spin for an hour lol.Imagine the reaction of the leftie priests and nuns out there.Hee Hee This is just too sweet! Go Pope Benedict!

Ed Peters

" Opus Dei Archbishop in L.A."

You can't make this stuff up.


Many of us are very pleased down here.


I suggest a close reading of his pastoral letter on "the Christian Mission to Evangelize and Proclaim Jesus Christ" which can be found here:

And perhaps Carl can offer some commentary. Like he needs more work!

Christopher Lake

As a former Catholic convert who fell away from the Faith in the mid-90s, partially due to deficient catechesis (but who has finally decided to return!!!), I am absolutely ecstatic at this news-- and I don't even live in L.A.!

An orthodox Catholic Cardinal serving the City of Angels-- WOO-HOO! :-)

I apologize for my momentary lack of articulation but not for my jubilation! :-) I request your prayers as I seek a faithful parish here in Albuquerque, NM!


I live in and was born in Los Angeles and have been frustrated with some of the Cardinal's leadership. I had a friend who enter the St John's Seminary but later moved to his home town to finish his studies and was ordained there. A part of the reason was the conflict that the Cardinal sets up in the faithful, A Hurt Locker. I read a few of Arb Gomez's writings and speeches and he sounded like Benedict to me. It will be interesting to see how he handles the political class in Los Angeles who are Catholic and pro abortion. Also the Cardinal's office always seemed to me to clamp down on traditional Catholics while the modernists had more of a free hand. The Los Angeles CCD Congress will be interesting to see who will be the speakers from now on.


! Mirabile Dictu !

Cost of telephone call from Rome to Los Angeles to announce Opus Dei Co-adjutator: $8.62

Cost of flight for Achbishop Gomez from San Antonio to Los Angeles: $393

Cost of Roger Mahoney realizing his neo-modernist empire of heresy and corruption is crumbling:

Deacon Harold

This is a great day for the Catholic Church in the United States! I have had the privilege of serving as deacon for Archbishop Gomez on several occasions and have had some good conversations with him. He is the right man for L.A.!

I have a feeling that many of the current chancery folks will be looking for work.

Dr John James

Wonderful news, but I'd take issue with the description of the "numerary" as a " full member"
Numerary members of Opus Dei live apostolic celibacy, and from the male members of the prelature, numerary priests are drawn, but ALL members of Opus Dei are "full members".
The majority are married and live with their families, some are single but will marry eventually, and some live apostolic celibacy but reside with their biological families rather that Centres of Opus Dei.
All are called to the same vocation, weaving love for God into the ordinary affairs of daily life.
The description in the article denotes a little bit of a 'clerical' mentality.

Manuel G. Daugherty Razetto

Auguri !
Benedict XVI has dealt a blow of great proportions to the regrettable legacy of Cardinal Mahoney.
After noticing how insolently the Media has accused BXVI of weakness, he proves how little they know about our great pope.

Apparently, I am not sure of this, Archbishop Gomez will be the second Opus Dei cardinal, since the archbishop of Lima, Peru, Cardinal Cipriani is Opus Dei as well.

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