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Monday, March 01, 2010


T. Shaw

Camus: "Every attempt to establish Heaven on Earth has reuslted in hell on Earth."

The dishonest extremists would both bankrupt us and enslave us. AGW (and statist health seizure for that matter) is a "Trojan Horse": one big lie. The supposed "cure" (making unaffordable electricity, gasoline and home heating oil) will be far more disastrous to the common man than the global warming "disease.""


@T. Shaw: I disagree about AGW being "a big lie", but I agree that it is both a "Trojan horse" to concentrate more wealth and power in the hands of a select few, and also that the "cure" is worse than the disease.

Just think about another, smaller, environmental problem: the proliferation of invasive constrictor snakes (pythons, anacondas, etc.) in the swamps of Florida. The problem is real, frightening, and expected to get worse. However, there is probably nothing we can do to stop it, no matter how much money we were to spend. (Hiring huge armies of people to manually remove the snakes wouldn't even work, since they hide very effectively in such an environment.) Most attempts at eradication would do more harm to the local ecosystem and the people in and around it than the snakes will do -- and would still fail. I suspect it's much the same with AGW.

Not only would many of the proposed solutions to AGW lead to human suffering, they would be disastrous for the environment, too. Environmentalism is a hobby of the rich. Just ask the wooly mammoth -- there is no animal on Earth more dangerous than a hungry human.


It has been apparent for some time, particularly in Al Gore's movie that the discussion has long since ceased being about science and Al Gore is not an instructor, or even a salesman. He is a preacher, an evangelist. This talk of redemption then makes perfect sense.

It is interesting that there is also a certain brand of conservatism that takes on a similar character of "redemption" based thinking. I remember hearing a lot during the Bush administration from some quarters about spreading democracy, with a fervor that suggested, to me at least, that those promoting this foreign policy doctrine believed it to be the answer to humanity's problems, in and of itself. Likewise, from some quarters there is an ideal of free markets that again is apparently not nuanced by any independent recognition of the moral state of human nature, particularly as we would see it from a Catholic point of view.

I think that the far left's redemptive solution is by far the more evil of the two, but in fighting it there is also the danger of the redemptive counter proposal, equally secular, and which also contains the seed of its own demise.

That is the point of Benedict's discussions of freedom, capitalism and communism, I think; to make it clear that without God's redemptive plan, T. Shaw's quote from Camus above is exactly right.

Barry Bruss

AGW is the biggest hoax of our lifetime. Gore and his ilk are titanic con artists.

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