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Tuesday, March 30, 2010



This line agrees with my own suspicions: "Their real objection to Benedict is not that he has done too little to reform the priesthood but that he has done too much." If the abuse truly was at an end, what would the Church's enemies have to accuse her with?

Here's an incriminating fisking of the MSM including the AP in the case of Fr. Murphy:


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Ed Peters

Excellent, really excellent, essay.

Robert Miller

Neumayr has it most right of all.

Only the Catholic Church -- and especially the Papacy -- consistently has called the "sexual revolution" the Beast that it is, beginning with Pope Pius XI's Casti Connubii. Two decades later, Venerable Pius XII warned of the tide of "sexual propaganda" that was flooding mass culture. Pope Paul VI, of course, prophetically linked the culture's sexual hedonism to grave dangers to the future of man's dignity and even survival -- dangers that Venerable John Paul II later would define as the "culture of death".

The Church certainly has struggled with this Beast. But at least she has not succumbed, as has every other credible authority in the contemporary world. Ratzinger, as cardinal and Pope, has taken the struggle to a new level of intensity. On the practical level, at the Holy Office and at the Holy See, he has taken the most stringent measures to cleanse the Church of the filth. At the theological level, he has sought to redeem Eros from hedonism, insisting on its essential created goodness that distinguishes it, but does not set it in opposition to, rather finding its fulfillment in, that perfect Love that we call "caritas", and God is.

Not everyone in the Church, or even in its leadership, has seen these truths with the clarity that Ratzinger has. Overwhelmed by propaganda, internal and external, Catholics have temporized with the filth since the middle of the last century. Thus, for example, the vogue in some circles of seeing child sexual abuse as something separable and distinct from the generalized eroticism and child-devaluation of the surrounding culture. It was, on this account, for two or three decades, seen by accepted secular "authorities" as a treatable malfunction of a more general "necessity". Indeed, even today, the touters of married and female priests are proponents of this discredited "scientific" thesis.

In the US alone, as we all know, something like 50 million have suffered the ultimate child abuse, infanticide, during the same years. Their silent screams will never be heard by the trial lawyers and secularist pundits who now seek to demean the names of Benedict and Jesus with their ginned-up cases of outrage. And how many more children have been deprived of their birthright by clerical bumblers and Judases who have adulterated the teachings of the Church? Jesus' "little ones" -- young and old -- have a case to make, alongside the victims of sexual abuse, and they have been fortunate to have Josef Ratzinger as their advocate now and for more than 30 years.

Most of us old Catholic "intellectuals" (like most secularists) have gotten used to distinguishing between "modern" and "post-modern" epochs in Western culture. After finding that distinction enlightening for a long time, I've decided that it's a blind alley. The reality, after all, is that there have been three epochs: Antiquity, Catholicity and Anti-Christ. All of the disorders of Eros were known to Antiquity, which despairingly (but comparatively innocently) decided (or almost decided) that Eros was ordered to Thanatos.

In the Catholic centuries, none of the disorders of Eros were eradicated, but they were identified for what they were and mitigated. Until almost yesterday, the Church's laws and administrative procedures were ordered to this redeeming work of identification and mitigation of unholy loves. Now, in an age of Anti-Christ, a torrent of disordered loves forces the Church to "purify" herself, and take extraordinary measures against "loves" which formerly, and properly, dared not speak their names.

May the Holy Name of Jesus protect and defend the good name of our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI.

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