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Thursday, March 11, 2010


Alan Phipps

Being a computer scientist, whenever I hear or read "stack", I first think of "this type of stack". Your version is second.


Signs of a beautiful life, if you ask me. Good books as the building blocks for a life well lived.


What lovely pictures! We just got a copy of our daughter's second sonogram - it's a boy! At 22 weeks he looks just like his father.
Just prior to looking at your site I was looking at wooden toys - blocks among them. Our children played and loved with precisely the same kinds of blocks.
Enjoy your son - that age is so precious and it goes by so quickly. Mommy in waiting just celebrated her 5th birthday yesterday - or so it seems.
Think it's odd that my husband, a structural engineer, is a book stacker, too?


Just be careful that your son is not so intimidated by your wonderful construction that he is put off trying to build what he knows is inferior to your construction; this applies to drawings also. Perhaps you could build together; he puts a block, you put a block and ask questions such as "How could we put the blocks so that they don't fall over so easily?" and try that. Speaking here as a teacher/mum.

I can remember from some years ago when you reorganised either your work office or your home office and there were zillions of books, this looks exactly like it! lol

I love books and I love reading but I don't remember so well what I have read. I don't know if this demonstrates a lack of higher order comprehension skills or I am getting older. Any insights would be appreciated.

Ed Peters

I don't see a 1917 Code, Carl. I trust that's because it's on your nightstand.

Carl E. Olson

I trust that's because it's on your nightstand.

No, it's because it is my nightstand.

Carl E. Olson

Not to worry, Norah: he actually is really talented at such things. He begged me to make a "cool" tower, so I obliged. :-)

Re: reading and memory. I don't retain details of fiction well at all, but I can tell you the themes, worldview, etc. I'm much better at retaining details from books of non-fiction. But, then, I usually read the two types of books with a very different approach.

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