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Saturday, March 27, 2010



So Pullman is buying into the evil twin theory about the resurrection as well? (Inferred from the statement that twins were born to Mary.) That is an extremely silly way to explain away the resurrection, especially when Mary was right there as Jesus died and would be one who could distinguish between twins. Then the twin, after stealing Jesus' body and impersonating him to his disciples disappears without a trace after 40 days without Mary so much as considering the possibility that it was the other twin. Yeah... That fad will pass as quickly as the fad of trying to explain Jesus' miracles "scientifically" (Hey look! The Sea of Galilee froze in the middle of a desert without anyone noticing, least of all the people sailing on it on a boat, so Jesus was able to walk on the ice!)

Bill White

To be published on Wednesday, eh? [checks calendar...] yep, here comes Easter. The media's sacred triduum of slander, lies and mockery should be coming to a head this week. They have an uncanny sense of liturgical time, don't they?


Why don't secularists, when pointing out that religious believers misused power decide to limit power rather than thoughts?

The issue is power over our fellow human beings... limit that, and people can have whatever ideas they want.

Of course, they really do want power over others.... they are just the right ones to have that power.

Charles E Flynn

Pullman is trying to compete with Richard Dawkins for "Dimwit of the Century":

Geoff Arnold

What interests me more than the content of the books these authors, these self appointed experts create, is the fact that Dawkins sees God as irrelevant, and apparently so does Pullman. Yet they write about God incessantly, trying to demonstrate through their verbal histrionics and muscular rationality that, yes, God is not only dead, but never was to begin with. If indeed God is irrelevant to the "conversation", why ever would these men continue to write about it? When I find something irrelevant, I move on and generally have nothing more to do with it. But then, they wouldn't have the financial windfall they've received had they just not bothered with what they find irrelevant. Ah, so it really is all about making a buck, then.


My jaw literally dropped when he tried to separate Jesus from Christ. This guy has got some loose screws in his head.

Maybe he'll get into the Colbert Report only to get ripped apart by Colbert. I remember Colbert's interview with Bart Ehrman last year, when he called out Ehrman for implying that he knew the early Jews better than the early Jews.

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