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Monday, March 15, 2010



Well, You should know that's pretty much what it was like for those of us who went through life after You baby boomers did, a decade or so after what might be called the godless generation swept through first.

I've often thought it is much like walking through a field after a herd of cows has gone through. You have to watch where you walk.


I am fortunate indeed that my parents were not quite in the Boomer Generation. In fact, I guess I'm a Boomer tail ender.

The havoc wrought by this group is incredible. A near-absolute loss of a moral compass, and a slash-and-burn policy to so many other things (They had the zoos, the schools that educated, the intact families, the single living wage, the social security,the fairly predictable society... and are doing their level best to make sure younger generations do not have these things).

Try as have, my kids are suffering from these effects far more than I want them to.

Brian J. Schuettler

Yes, we can blame it all on the boomers. such bad, bad people who somehow arose out of a vacuum...oh, wait. That doesn't sound right. Nothing originates out of a vacuum, right? Were they born that way? I don't think so. The mark of Cain on one generation? Nope.

Let's forget the boomers...let's talk about that older (European) gen who gave us WW2...No "free love", just free violence.
And how about the one before that...greed, sex and booze: the"roaring twenties" people who led us dancing into depression and global war.
I guess it's so much easier to make everything so very simple...Just like Exodus, one bad generation needs to be cleansed. This way we don't have to think too much.
I know! Let's blame it all on Vatican2.:)

BTW..O'Rourke thinks Ms. Eberstadt is a new C.S Lewis? Talk about hyperbole.

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