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Monday, March 08, 2010



What a surprise: the response to Krupp's work by the secular left consists of name-calling and faux psychologizing. I'm starting to think that "laughable" has been redefined as "I can't refute you but I know that a deer-in-the-headlights response doesn't persuade others..."

Manuel G. Daugherty Razetto

Thanks Carl for this post; I admire your strong defense of Pacelli's true performance as a pope. One thing we must keep in mind: some jews will never admit that Pope Pius XII saved many jews during WW2, simply because their 'dislike' towards our Church is larger and more important than their truthfulness.
There is more than sufficient proof that Pius made incredible efforts to save not only jews, but many others that suffered under the nazis. i.e: polish people, to name just one example.
At Rome, on April 15 1945, Pius XII wrote , on his 7th year of pontificate, the Encyclical "Communium Interprete Dolorum", # 6 the following:
"We desire moreover that those who heed Our exhortation, also pray for those who are fugitives vanished from their homeland and longing to once again see their own homes; also for those in captivity who wait for their liberation after the War;and finally those who lie in numberless hospitals"...
That was the man, and the Pope who behaved most proper and holy.

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