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Friday, March 19, 2010



I think you're right about the comparison to Pius XII, Carl. I knew the hatchet job was on when the current story had progressed to the point of the AP saying, "Benedict XVI's papacy is tainted because his brother taught at a school where abuse occurred. Before he was there. Oh, and he slapped a kid..." And we know that the sudden return of this story to front-burner status in the media has nothing to do with distracting the public from the health care "reform" trainwreck currently playing out in Washington. Or deligitimizing the Church's voice in said tranwreck...


There was also another very good article by Quinn on Tuesday. Here..

Steve Cianca

This is little different from the breathless "new pope was member of Hitler Youth" reporting that surfaced almost immediately after Benedict was elected. The Left despises the Church--even as they are mysteriously fascinated by it--and they despise Benedict because he won't be their lapdog. We should fight back against such attacks, but we should not be surprised by them.

As for the child abuse angle: if the outrage in the media were really about the abuse of children, the education establishment would have been rent from top to bottom by now. But of course, it was never about the children, just as it was never about "global warming" or "healthcare for the uninsured". It's about power and the elimination of enemies that stand in the way of the Left's grab for it. This has the unmistakable smell of of Satan about it.

Manuel G. Daugherty Razetto

Comparing the two popes, while assertable, one can see some differences. They are similar:both as testimonials to two historic challenges: Pius XII and the WWII and BXVI and the present crisis in the Church; both worked at the Vatican before being elected. However there are differences:Pacelli, ascetic and aristocratic while Ratzinger is more scholarly. Pius XII could be assessed as more hands on during the War. Although his signature may not be in all documents, as Fr. Pierre Blet says clearly, his mind and fiat were everywhere on the hour by the hour dealing before, during and after WWII. BXVI as consumate philosopher places himself, ever so easily, as the Teacher/Father who wants to bring the Truth to our level.
The two come in sight, magnificently, like true monuments in the history of modern Christiany.
At a time when the Church is the easiest target of hate from the anti-Christians, awareness seems to be not enough; instead resistance and severe response call Catholics to the task. For justice that would be due to all, amends have to be done.
Masterly diplomacy practised by Pius XII did not prevent WWII and BXVI should transcend the limits of diplomacy to confront and correct episcopal mishaps. As the old saying goes: a man watches himself when others watch him too.

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