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Monday, March 29, 2010


Magister Christianus

A brilliant dissection of Dowd's piece. I find it hard to understand why more Catholics do not get this. There is a demonic glee when anyone connected with the Christian faith stumbles, and this glee spreads to rapturous delight when people think an authority figure can be brought down as a result. Our national prejudice is not racial, it is faith based. Our national sport is not football or basketball, it is the assassination of leaders.

Ed Peters

CARL: “I suppose we can be happy that the Angry, Dour One didn't try to somehow work in a street-wise rhyme using pope and grope."

Agreed. Such a line from such a dope would put us on a slippery slope and make me mope around till I found some soap or gave up all hope and looked for rope.

Francis Beckwith

Dowd, of course, misses the depth and complexity of the wrongness of the abuse scandal. It is not merely that underage children were touched in unspeakable ways by men who were supposed to protect them from the predators. That is evil, and no one should diminish that. If I had my druthers, I would reinstitute the death penalty in Vatican City and start the executions yesterday.

But, as Catholics, we believe that this touching would have been wrong even if the children were adults and the priests were laymen. Why? Because the purpose of sex requires that it occur within the confines of marriage. The unmarried Catholic Dowd, herself, who has bedded many a suitor over the years, locates the wrong in the only place that does not require that we extend this judgment to her: the youth and powerlessness of the victims. But age and power do not impart to the sex act anything that would make it moral if it were to occur between a middle-aged Times writer and Kevin Costner.


Some ancient translations read 'sope'.


Her article is so wrong, its not even wrong!

I am comforted by the fact that the Church existed long before the New York Times did. And the Church will continue to exist long after the New York Times is only the faint memory of well-lettered historians.


The media wouldn't be satisfied unless we do to this guy what they did to Pope Formosus in the Cadaver synod.

In fact, it's in these moments that the media and secular world give us a special reminder of what Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus really means. Thank God it's Jesus and the Saints, and not the NYT Editorial Board, who will judge my soul.

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