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Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Kevin C.

Argh. Spoiler! That's it. No more reading Insightscoop until I watch the episodes. We don't have reception so we watch on the computer the day after... I won't see the new stuff till tonight.


For the last time, this show is not some sort of compelling Christian allegory. It's a largely aimless collection of overwrought plot devices muddled together with perhaps a definite goal but without any guiding force. The temple pool is no more about baptism than the US Code is about the Decretals.


It's a little late for me to get into the show now. I missed "Battlestar Galactica" too. Thankfully though this time I managed to catch the pilot episode of the new show "Caprica", it looks quite good.

Sandra Miesel

Of course LOST isn't a one-for-one Christian allegory, but it does have noticable Christian (usually Catholic)themes woven though its complex structure. (A lot of the characters are Catholic, as is producer Carleton Cuse.) The show's most basic questions--redemption and atonement, free will and determinism, faith and reason--are not cobbled together afterthoughts!

Earlier in the series we were shown two Catholic baptisms and a serious portrayal of confession. How often do we see that on network TV?

Brian J. Schuettler

Jacob is so obviously symbolic as a Christ-like character, especially "allowing" himself to be violently killed by a human influenced by the evil character representing satan. Even as the knife is poised to strike him, Jacob reminds Ben that he has a choice, he can choose to ignore the temptation of the "dark one". But Ben is corrupted and obsessed with Jacob's perceived allowance of suffering to his devoted followers on the island, especially the death of Ben's daughter. Yet Jacob appears in many places and times, always to do and promote good, appearing to be a man yet also god-like.

This may not be a perfect Christian allegory, but it would be difficult not to see the parallels.

Ed Peters

I only started watching Lost (on Netflix) when Sandra praised it a few months back. Seen maybe 20 episodes of season one. It was far better written than most tv cr*p, I readily concede. Real characters, clever but believable backstories and emotions and plot turns.

But, at this point, I've pretty much stopped watching it. Maybe I fear they can't keep it up, but I'm also wondering, why do I care about this guy or that girl? Would I come to care? Dunno, and maybe I won't find out.

I just know, to reward that investment of my time, it would have to be really good. And I've been burned by tv too many times to trust it anymore.

Still, there is Sandra, and she's no slouch when it comes to culture insights.

Mark Brumley

You should watch, Ed.

Ed Peters

First Sandra. Now Mark. I'm getting the feeling my friends know better than I. Again.


Dr. Peters, I am literally revolted by most television, my wife and I rented all the seasons of Lost and we enjoyed them all. I think it keeps up and the characters and situations are compelling. best wishes, Achilles


I forgot to mention, that I am especialy intrigued by the redemption themes and I look at it as if it is a portrayal of purgatory.

Sandra Miesel

The sense of the LOST faithful is speaking to you, Ed. It really is an absorbing show and many (admittedly not all)of the characters work through significant spiritual crises. If you've watched only season 1, you've yet to meet the grand romance of Desmond and Penny or the malevolence of Ben etc. etc. (But please, I beg you, do not watch the episode about Jack's tattoo!) The Island isn't literally Purgatory but its inhabitants certainly do suffer for their sins.

Ed Peters

Uncle! Uncle!

I'll download some more. Ang kinda liked them too.

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