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Wednesday, February 03, 2010



Thanks for pointing this out... I'm usually contrary on your blog, and tend to be quieter when I agree and don't have much to say, so I thought I'd actually voice my appreciation this time. Like you I'm not sold on the whole FotF thing, but it's a shame that such a promising opportunity like this is getting so attacked by some quarters.

I think this column was probably well-meaning, and a good bit of it wasn't so bad, but you bring up some really atrocious mischaracterizations here. Thanks for that.


Carl, thank you so much for posting this!

I'm anxious to see how pro-life CBS let this Tebow/Focus on the Family commercial be. In any case, all those who are fuming about it have helped bring more and more attention to the story, which is great for the pro-life cause!

My favorite dose of publicity came at the end of this interview (see following link) when the current president and CEO of Focus on the Family said to the pro-abortion guest, "I'm glad your mom chose life".

ESPN has an Ombudsman, maybe he would want to hear this. Probably not, but you never know.


There hasn't been an intelligent sports writer in this country in half a century, maybe longer. The entire industry can barely string together three coherent sentences when talking about sports. When they write on anything else, Katie bar the door.

Ed Peters

ESPN is infested with liberal anchor wannabees, and it’s really tiring to have my politics, and often Faith, routinely jabbed at by SPORTS ANALYSTS, for crying out loud, when I’m watching football. Chris Fowler is the worst. I always, always watch Fox sports when I have a choice, cuz at least I’m not going to be smirked at.

ESPN is really, really full of itself. I can barely stand it, and often, I just channel surf right past it. Life is too short for such gratuitous irritations.

No Man

This is validation for my practice of turning off the audio when watching sports events on ESPN.


I guess Keown would rather Tebow was less strict about his ideals and more like, say.... Tiger Woods?


All ESPN haters out there, please note that the following article was placed side-by-side with the one picked apart by Carl:

Gail F

Greg, thanks for posting that other commentary, it is intelligent and well-written. While I don't agree with the author on everything, it's a nice summation and a good counter to the one Carl posted.

I for one think it's funny that ESPN is entering the fray here. Both writers talk about the dangers of sports figures taking a stand on a controversial issue (I guess that's reserved for Hollywood stars and popular singers), while simultaneously taking a stand on the same issue.


Thanks for another great post, Carl. I love your sarcastic sense of humor. It's amusing to watch the media -- sports writers and all -- make total fools of themselves when they talk about issues they have no clue about (fundamentalist, indeed! To the left, that word is used to label anyone who actually has some moral values). The sad part is that there are people who actually fall for this kind of writing and "thinking" hook, line, and sinker!


What we have here is a minor bit player (I listen to a lot of ESPN radio and watch the games, but I don't recall ever hearing of this guy) heroically toeing the (Disney, which owns ESPN) company line. Really, it's more pathetic than anything. He knows that Tebow's spot will be watched by hundreds of millions, but his column will be read by (perhaps) hundreds of thousands -- not the millions who listen to Mike and Mike in the Morning on their way to work. This is not the way to make a name for himself, though.

Ed Peters

Greg, that ESPN (doubtless under great pressure) actually posted something intelligent on a social topic, proves nothing.

Everytime Fowler, et al., weigh in politics, it is ALWAYS liberal and Democratic, and it is never rebutted. Once in a while, I admit, Herbstreit lets slip some surprise at something stupid Fowler says, but never disagreement. The rest just cheer him on.

I don't hate ESPN. I am sick of it. I tune in for sports. Not for jibes at conservatives. So, I rarely tune in ESPN anymore, and when I do, it usually get my voice over from the computer or a radio.


The Tebow ad nearly slipped past my husband and me. After it was over, we looked at each other in astonishment and said "That was it?" So that is "dangerous" but the other tacky, vulgar, ugly ads are uplifting? I can take only so much absurdity...

AJ Mauldin

NOW is protesting Tebow's ad because it advocates violence against women.

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