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Monday, January 25, 2010


Ed Peters

Yes, all these "news stories" about the dearth of young women, pure fabrication. I know, I've been attending such things for decades. They are CRAWLING with young vibrant, happy women.

Mark Brumley

Several thousands. Yeah. Right. Try 35,000-40,000.


I was at the West Coast walk and, as you rightly guess, there were plenty of young women there. But there is one group that is worth watching that hasn't been mentioned - the Hispanics. They were in full force and brought a lot of joy to the event. Viva!


Those who know children and teens who go to these events need to follow up on the media coverage with them. Have them take a real good look around at the crowd that day, then show them the next day's media coverage and how the event is portrayed. Often there will be no coverage whatsoever---if so, show the children what DID make the news.

As they begin to learn these lessons about MSM and mainstream opinion and portrayal they will be less vulnerable to the swayings of that culture as they move on to college.

One other thing---please---if you see a young person who came alone, please greet them and give them your support. I ran into one college girl last year who came by herself. She said she was relieved and surprised that so many people felt as she did after being at college where so many disagree with her.

Nicholas Jagneaux


You have a GREAT idea about teaching our youth (even those in their early 20s) about media bias. Thank you.

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