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Friday, January 22, 2010



I invite you to address the ADL's charges in as much detail as possible, laid out in this page.

Manuel G. Daugherty Razetto

Carl, I cannot laud enough what you are doing to repair the inmense damage that is being done to condemn Pius XII for errors he never made, in this last work of yours; Brian: Amen to that!

Brian J. Schuettler

Well said, Carl. Pius XII, Defender of Jews!


...we live in age in which style and image tends to trump—often shamelessly—prudent action and moral rectitude

It more than trumps it for some politicians, it actually replaces it. President Clinton was a classic example of this mindset. He was forever wanting credit for having talked about an issue, as if that was sufficient, and sometimes I think he actually thought he had done something.

Manuel G. Daugherty Razetto

The incisive jewish accusation against Pius XII appears to have a wider signification.
Carl's write-up introduces Robt. P.Lockwood's thoroughly comprehensive study (2000) about Pacelli and his performance. In it we read how, after 20 years of praise by Jewish personalities and institutions, suddenly in 1963 a theatric piece by Rolf Hochhuth "The Deputy" portrays Pius XII as a nazi admirer etc. Lockwood writes "It became popular particularly among historians with Marxist sympathies in the 60's . Leftists used it as a means to discredit an anti-communist Papacy" . We learn by the rest of this article that a myth was created to paint Pacelli as a "silent" pope in the face of a nazi slaughter.
Today I see a contradiction or, rather, an understanding of facts measuring much more than before. Carl states "Struck by this" then gives us the accusation of Rabbis during Benedict XVI's recent visit to the main Synagogue in Rome. Similar complaints have been posted beside images of Pius XII in Holocaust museums.
We should all be struck by this.

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