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Friday, January 29, 2010


Dr John James

Eternal rest grant to him, O Lord, with all Your saints, forever, for You are rich in Mercy.


A true gentleman. I will never forget the time I spent one-on-one with him over breakfast less than 10 years ago. I, a nobody in the eyes of the world, am enjoying breakfast and philosophical conversation for half an hour or more, with the renowned, legendary philosopher, and he seems to have no other concerns and is just focused on me and our conversation.

I remember little of the conversation, but I remember the person and his quality. May God bring him swiftly to Paradise. Let's all offer several prayers for his repose!

Brian J. Schuettler

Lest we forget his other achievements, Professor McInerny was the only Catholic fiction writer to be honored with having his character, Father Dowling, brought to prime-time American television (NBC/ABC 1987-1991).

A truly remarkable man.

Mark Brumley

A great Catholic man, a great Catholic philosopher, and a great Catholic writer has passed on to his eternal reward. God bless him. And thanks be to God for all the good he brought to the world through Ralph McInerny.


Very fitting that he passes the day after the feast day of St. Thomas Aquinas.
For a man who was a homo ecclesiasticus, it would be also fitting for us to pray the Office of the Dead today.

Ellen Rice

Mark Brumley, Fr. Joseph Fessio, SJ and Ignatius Press played an important role in bringing Ralph McInerny's works and wisdom to the world. Well done!

Mary Jo Anderson

Fr. Schall neatly identifies what shines through Professor McInerny's corpus, "intellectual courage." How many of us were drawn to his affable manner ("But summer is too hot without ice cream: Here, try the strawberry.") only to discover his unflinching love of truth and the courage to make it known in season...and out.


I never met him but I sure would like to have. Mary Jo mentions his "affable manner." It comes through in spades in his writing. So many of the American Catholic (or is it Catholic American?) greats have died recently: Cardinal Dulles, Fr. Neuhaus, and now Prof. McInerny. We really are so much poorer for it.


There are videos of him on youtube. For instance:

Clara Sarrocco

A number of years go The New York C.S. Lewis Society sponsored a weekend symposium. We asked Dr. McInerny if he would accept the invitation to be the keynote speaker. Not only did he graciously accept but made no demands for an honorarium and went out of his way to find a reduced air fare to make things easier for us. He was truly a kind, derstanding and generous man. He made our weekend an overwhelming success for which we will always be grateful. May he rest in peace.

Clara Sarrocco
The New York C.S. Lewis Society


Legend has it that Jesus told St. Thomas Aquinas in a mystical vision that Thomas had written well of Him. I imagine St. Thomas will say the same thing to Dr. McInerny when they meet in heaven!


Oh dear, I do hope he understands now how I just had to write to him and express my utter dismay with that appalling TV series of Father Dowling. How could he let it happen? He never responded...But I greatly enjoyed his writing. There was always at least one big laugh.

Dr. Patrick Foley

I never met Dr. Ralph McInerny, but I read enthusiastically several of his books on St. Thomas Aquinas and Jacques Maritain. My own love of the world purview of St. Thomas Aquinas, resulting in my being considered a Thomist, was much deepened by my study of Dr. McInery's works over the years. Let us all pray for the soul of this saintly and joyous Catholic Thomist.

Dr. Patrick Foley

Dr. Eric Lund

Thank you, Fr. Schall, for the beautiful words in loving memory of a beautiful Catholic American man, Dr. McInerny. Whether we are fathers and husbands in sacramental married life or Fathers, Brothers and Shepherds in sacramental ordination life, we have a true Catholic American seeker and finder of Truth in our dearly departed brother, Ralph. Thank you, Fr. Schall, for your words of comfort and love, which echo deeply in my heart and soul. And God bless Dr. McInerny, his family and friends, his beloved Notre Dame, and us, his American Catholic brothers, sisters, and children.

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