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Wednesday, January 06, 2010



At least she had the integrity to finally leave the Church publicly, seeing that she reviled the Church publicly for so many years.

It makes one wonder how one person could contain such hatred for such a sustained period. I don't think she was even a happy pagan.

Your quotes from her writings and your suggestion of the demonic seemed fitting. It brought to mind images from various movies of the demon possessed vomiting up huge quantities of bile.

We can only trust to divine mercy and perhaps some ray of light at or near the end of her life.

What was it Captain Willard said about Colonel Kurtz; "he broke from them and then he broke from himself. I'd never seen a man so broken up and ripped apart." That's the sense I get of her.


Okay, now I'm just sick! Yuckkkkk! She taught at Boston College for that long?? I'm getting sick again!

Gail F

"• The "gentle Jesus" who offers the faithful his body to eat and his blood to drink is playing Mother Goddess. And of course this fetal-identified male behind this Mother Mask is really saying: "Let me eat and drink you alive." This is no mere crude cannibalism but veiled vampirism. (Gyn/Ecology, 81)"

That's just insane. People have a tendency to think that a person who appears to be smart and/or artistic (I am thinking of several artists and writers here) and who then says bizarre things and/or creates bizarre artwork must be a genius. What they say is just so weird, it MUST be the work of a genius who sees and understands what regular people don't see or understand.

But it's not always true at all, and that is just NUTS.

Blessed Karl

PLease pray for her soul. Mary Daly was a tragedy. She turned from the faith and from God. She became an instrument of the devil. She does not deserve our anger...just our sadness, sympathy and prayers. I hope she repented...


No one can escape the truth about dying.
Sooner or later ,one will face his maker.
How horrible and terrifying to face an angry God?
wasn't it better not to be born at all?

God have mercy on her soul.


Should we thank Boston College for lacking courage and employing her for so long. Are there continually men teachers at that university who are mentally malformed enough to pretend they are women and support her seditiously and deviously.


I personally will pray for her and hope that salvation is shined into her life. All the same, I was terribly disturbed by the presence of a rather praiseworthy obituary in many bulletins of Catholic Church's in Chicago. It's odd, all in all.

Rick Kempf

She may be one reason Peter Kreeft refers to BC as "barely catholic." I hope BC will now enjoy what we have been absorbing outside - the springtime of the new evangelization.


May God have mercy on her.
Because if I were him,i wouldnt.
She deserves none,as an enemy of the Church.



How very sad. I thought the key to her life was here: "What would I think? There's nothing to think about." Her story is a story of revenge for hurt feelings, not a rational attempt to seek the truth or to right wrongs.

On the other hand, she fits with my impression of other feminists of a certain era. Reading their works decades after the publication, I was struck by the close-mindedness of those who believed be a feminist is to be a lesbian. And the equivalency between marriage and "a comfortable concentration camp" was obviously embraced by women who never envisioned a culture in which the new norm was no longer marriage but financially-strapped women living with a succession of boyfriends/babydaddies.


She was very likely perfectly possessed.


My immediate reaction was to pray for her soul.

Back in the 1980's I was forced to read 'Beyond God the Father" as part of a course on liberation theology at another Jesuit university. As a female I too was totally sickened by the end of the book. I became convinced that had she had an earthly father as wonderful as my own dear dad she would have no trouble with the concept of God as a loving father. Ironically I see today that she was born the same year as my dad. Although he now is in nursing care with severe dementia he gave all that he could to those in need and especially to the pro-life cause. Interestingly he grew up in a household full of strong women and with a father who believed strongly in a college education for all his children, both male and female.

As difficult as I found that course to take, reading the works of Daly and Rosemary Radford Reuther and others, I can say it did make me much stronger in defending my faith. But it was the Grace of God and the strong foundation provided by my parents which gave me the strength to stand up to my professor and what we were being taught.

I'll continue to pray for Mary Daly's soul.


And to think, Religion teachers at the primary and secondary level have to be recertified every few years. What for? Why don't we all teach at the university level and preach whatever we want (the bishops can't/won't do anything about it)!

Gabriel Austin

One recognizes the Irish girl who resented not being a boy. One sees it in the female Irish revolutionaries who turned Communist when independence was won. They had gotten into the habit of revolting: the cause was indifferent.

I admit to laughing at the idea that she did not want men in her classrooms. Too distracting for the women, the poor weak dears.

I think it hilarious that Boston College - an institution in the Jesuit tradition of talking out of both sides of your mouth at once - could not handle a woman. The Jesuits have never had a female component; women remain a closed book to them.

Manuel G. Daugherty Razetto

Carl's mindful, sensitive assessment of Mary Daly and her wicked output makes us wonder how an unhealthy mind can manage to infect others as she did. That she taught at Boston College for 30 years is an astonishing proof of how progressive infiltration has succeeded in the very womb of our Church.
Feminism contrives to nullify standards established in our society regarding the most inborn rolls of man and woman. Such anti-christian, unnatural ways need to be energetically repudiated.


Oh sure I can see why that wildly "outrageous" and "man-hating" quote from Gyn-Ecology is surely reason for a man-child to get all insecure over. I mean how crazy it is to suggest women not be "good wives". LOL
That is sooooooooo radical and overboards!
How did she survive 81 years w/o being burned at the stake? I mean my GOD! To DARE have the audacity to suggest women not be "good wives".

Here's a tip, just because you say something to preface something immoral you're about to do like ... saying "I don't mean to speak ill of the dead" ... then go on and speak ill of the dead...
is very transparent.
Backpedaling is something that is very easy to catch in a persons writing character. That's a tip that would serve you well in your blogger's career.
Oh and btw the male feminists I know adore Mary, they despise Patriarchy just as much as any radical feminist. Because patriarchy does nothing but destroy everything in it's path and matriarchy serves as creation. Who would you rather hang out with? I know who we would.
So bless you and I hope when you're on your deathbed you remember how you spoke of a woman who changed the face of the planet for women... clearly and issue that threatens you beyond hiding the obviousness of your inferiority complex.
Good luck.


OMG as if this article wasn't hilarious enough, the commentary from all of the little threatened man-children lmaoooooooooo hysterical!

Someone please tell me why all of the freak priests molest and rape children?

I will not pray for their souls and hope they drop dead and burn in a pit of fiery hell. Pig molesting freaks. Why do men rape? Do you know over 500,000 women were raped by men last year? Only 37% of women report rape btw. And only 6% of men spend even 1 day in jail.

A woman is raped every 2 minutes in the United States.

Why do psycho-pigs rape?

Can someone explain that?

Why do man-pigs rape?

Too bad your mother's didn't abort you.

Mary did say men identify with unwanted fetal tissue, now didn't she???


Alan Phipps

"Too bad your mother's didn't abort you."

"Mary did say men identify with unwanted fetal tissue, now didn't she???"

And that's the doublespeak. On the one hand, you assert that an unborn child is "fetal tissue". And yet, on the other hand, you reveal quite willingly that you know an unborn child is much more than mere tissue by pointing out the essential connection between the born and the unborn: that all of these men wouldn't be around to give you grief if only their mothers had aborted them. What you really mean to say is, "You shouldn't be alive".

Manuel G. Daugherty Razetto

TL's 'argumentum ad ignorantiam' displays a syncretistic, messy parade of unhappy sentences that show too well how feminists are ill prepared to sustain objectivity and logic.
Caecus iter monstrare vult.

Roseanne Sullivan

I left the Church in the early 1960s. When I relapsed about ten years later, having missed Vatican II entirely, it just killed me to find out that crazy Catholicism-hating, God-hating, rabid feminist Mary Daly was then teaching her own religion to impressionable students at Boston College. I grew up in Boston, and I knew BC was Catholic. I wondered, What could have happened during that decade I was away? Daly taught that God is a woman and that males had co-opted the noble women-faith that was witchcraft, and her rest of her concocted doctrines turned true doctrine and morality upside down. The fact that foul minded hate-filled heretics like her were supported by Catholic parents who paid good money to send their children to a Catholic college boggled my mind. I was a bit comforted by the fact that Pope John Paul II was still teaching the faith that had been handed down from the apostles, but all around me Catholics were dismissing the pope as a provincial Polish throwback to the old hierarchical patriarchal religion. The pain and bewilderment I felt about seemingly being the last Catholic in America cannot be described. The relief I feel now that I have found traditional Catholics who share my faith also cannot be described. Thank you, Ignatius Press for helping keep the faith alive during this 40 years of wandering in the desert of distorted theology. I pray for Mary Daly's soul, and I pray that those who abetted her and those she has misled will be reacquainted with and learn to love the Truth. And I pray that the Church may continue to be purged from all those who teach such monstrous errors.

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