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Thursday, January 21, 2010



Interesting to compare Mary Daly and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. It's why I always say I have more respect for the apostate than the heretic. At least the apostate has the honesty to get out.

Of all the garbage that Chittister has spewed over the years, this hijacking of Scripture's words on the Blessed Virgin to describe the wicked Mary Daly is the most vile. Maybe when Trautperson retires and gets the "eff" out of the diocese, the new bishop will actually do something about her. Maybe.


I just followed the link & read Sister Joan's article. My goodness! Mary and Joan certainly do appear to have a lot of disciples! Men, women, priests--I clearly spend too much time on the sites I like and get a wrong view of what people out there are thinking. I'm horrified. You are welcome to tell me it's about time.

Gail F

Read her piece and all the commentary! It's unbelievable. What a wonderful gift to mankind she was. Oops, I mean womynkind. The woman was obviously deranged, and will somebody -- ANYBODY -- tell me how people who say that Mary was spiritually raped and Jesus was some sort of spiritual vampire get considered actual theologians?

Ever Curious

Okay, like the two ladies mentioned in the above story, I did not have a date to the Junior Prom. The difference? I got over the hurt and got on with life. It seems that Ms Daly was still pissed off even on her death bed.

Roseanne Sullivan

You wondered about how many dissident nuns and Catholic Reporter articles were inspired by Mary Daly's loathsome rants. I wonder if this one I recall from around 1976 fills the bill. A copy of The National Catholic Reporter was on the desk of the priest who was the Newman Center director at the University of Minneosota, Minneapolis, where I went looking for spiritual direction after I came back to the Church. The article's title was Should Divorce Be a Sacrament? And it was by a religious sister. That article was yet another horrifying indications to me that something terrible had happened to the Church I had loved enough to return to. I had tried living out all the intelligensia's heady amalgam of Marxist, feminist, deconstructionist, existential theories and found them destructive. In the meantime, to my dismay, it looked like the Church had embraced the very theories I was rejecting.

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