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Saturday, January 09, 2010


Thanks for these comparisons! Well put.

Blake Helgoth

Waht! You mean all religions are not the same? How can this be? How will modernism survive?


History is definitely on the side of Jesus. There was only one person in the entire history of mankind who's birth was proclaimed thousands of years before He was born. And many nations were expecting His arrival just before he was born, like a pregnant woman waiting for the exact hour. And hundreds of continuing followers for his 3 years of ministry witnessed the undeniable miracles of changing water into wine, casting out demons, multiplying food, and raising the dead. I'd say that clearly establishes Jesus as unique among all leaders of any kind anywhere on earth.

Manuel G. Daugherty Razetto

Between the Psalms of David and the Tri-Pitaka that explains Buddhism, exists the greatest abyss that could ever be.
Siddharta never intended to create a Religion. He brought into existence a profound Philosophy that is not so easy to learn, that has endured time for 2,500 years.
As a conservative Catholic I have a deep respect for such a challenging Philosophy.

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