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Thursday, January 07, 2010



It would be interesting to see this in the form of an apologetic, not just for the refutation of the dispensationalist mindset.

I discovered recently how far I have come from my Evangelical roots and learning to "think as a Catholic" as Father Groeschel might put it, when a close relative who is not dispensationalist at all, told me point blank that the teachings of Jesus in the gospels were directed at the Jews of the day who were pre-New Covenant and hence the those teachings were in the Old Covenant vein and not really applicable in any strict sense to Christians. I suppose this is essential to the Sola Fide mindset, but I had never heard it put that directly and then the logic of it clicked when I looked back.

I was a little dumfounded at hearing it put that way and was casting about for a response. I know Scott Hahn deals with that issue indirectly sometimes, in his explication of covenants, and the continuity from Abraham through to Jesus Christ.

Personally, I realized just how much my own internalizing of Catholic teaching has been dependent on a practice I took up (I cannot remember who recommended it) of meditating on the Incarnation. I cannot recommend it enough to anyone who has crossed over from Sola Fide, Sola Scriptura Protestantism and is struggling to not just intellectually know some of the more difficult Catholic doctrines for the convert, but to actually know them from the heart. It will take you in any and every direction and the more you understand what flows from it the more the Incarnation itself becomes a mystery and the more it makes you want to fall on your knees in thanksgiving.

But because of that, much of my understanding has been more intuitive than intellectual, especially in this area.

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