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Tuesday, January 05, 2010



Is the commentary the same that has appeared thus far in individual publications of each book?


Is this going to have the same content as the individual New Testament volumes, or will there be some differences? Would it be worth picking up the both the combined New Testament and the individual volumes on particular books? I ask this as someone who will have to begin writing practice homilies in a little less than two years.


Looks great! I like that you included a doctrinal index and concise concordance. It certainly increases the usefulness of this edition. Is there a tentative schedule for the release of the Old Testament books yet?

Jakian Thomist

Fantastic! I am really looking forward to it!

Thank you Scott Hahn and Ignatius Press

Paul H

Awesome! And the price is very reasonable too ($29.95 list price, with an even lower sale price at the link above, at least for now). I expected the price to be at least $40, considering the huge time and effort that must have gone into this volume. Even at $40 it would be a bargain as compared to buying all the individual volumes. Hopefully the lower price will result in more people buying and using this volume.

I absolutely plan to buy this study Bible soon after it is released, and I will consider whether there is anyone who would like this as a gift.


I hope the margins are wide enough for notes!!

OK, I pre-ordered it last week. I am waiting patiently.





Wide Margins
Wide Margins
Wide Margins!

Bible layout is a big deal since editions are used for such a long time. Better to up the price to cover the cost and have it look good. This one will sell regardless.


I too would like to know if this study bible reproduces what is in the individual volumes. Each individual volume is about $20 Australian.

Mark Brumley

Here are some details:

Wide margins, indeed.

Mostly the same commentary and notes as the individual NT volumes, but some changes, revisions, etc. Plus, some new essays.

Doctrinal index, concise concordance, other study helps, including new full-color maps.

OT books slated to begin pub in Fall 2010. We'll see how much faster the OT books will come out--certainly faster than NT.

Rich Leonardi

Fantastic news, Mark. I lead a handful of Bible studies and apostolates and will definitely be recommending -- and using -- this new Bible.


Is there any hope that the Bishops will loosen the grip of the New American bible on the Liturgy? An option to use another approved text would be helpful.


Sounds geat.


Any possibility of seeing some sample pages?

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