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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Ed Peters

I really enjoy seeing what youse guys is up to reading-wise. Thx.

Re Carl's Q, "How many indulgences are received for reading [my book on indulgences]?" the answer, one partial (for studying Christian doctrine).

Re Brmuley's, I had to look up "pistic". No wonder he knew what it meant, and I didn't.

Jakian Thomist

I agree with Ed, so many interesting reads there!

My favourite reads of 2009 are
- Christianity for Modern Pagans - Peter Kreeft (On Pascal) (Ignatius)
- Newman to Converts: An Existential Ecclesiology - Stanley Jaki (From Newman's letters) (Real View Books)
- Thomist Realism and the Critique of Knowledge - Etienne Gilson (Ignatius)
- Cognition: An Epistemological Enquiry - Joseph Owens
- Science and Creation: From Eternal Cycles to an Oscilliating Universe - Stanley Jaki
And Finally
- Jesus of Nazareth - Pope Benedict

When will the second volume be published does anyone know?

Mark Brumley

When will the second volume be published does anyone know?

Wish we knew. Reports are that the Holy Father is supposed to finish it up in spring 2010. But we'll see.


Interesting to see the overlaps (and otherwise). Ditto on 'pistic', and very glad I'm not alone.

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