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Monday, November 30, 2009



We were doomed already:

"A country that legalizes the murder of its own children is doomed."

-Dietrich von Hildebrand

tony foleybach

Thank you Fr Schall for another insightful argument. Seeing things for what they really are seems to be a real philosophical difficulty not just for americans but for us all in the western world. In Dublin, Ireland, a report came out last week on clerical abuse. What strikes me as most stunning is the failure of the hierarchy to recognise evil. It is as if we as a culture have become so inebriated by the desire to defend the perpetrator of crimes that the real victims are cast to one side. It seems to me that in the context of the Church that we have since the 60s failed to take man's evil propensities sersiouly, that man can choose to deviously commit evil acts without necessarily having any psychological impairments, simply he chooses to do evil. The great loss in the Church has thus been a loss of vigilance - we are I am afraid to see spiritually enfeebled - we have not confronted our enemies, which is often in the first instance ourselves, tempted as we are by the Prince of darkness.

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