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Wednesday, November 25, 2009



"extensive coverage in the media in the United States"?

I don't think so.

Nicholas Jagneaux

I'm with W. on this one.

If it were not for Mark Shea's blog and this one, I don't think I would have heard of it.


Only 12 American Bishops signed it. Pretty pathetic actually.


Lots of media coverage here:


Theres some sort of coverage going on, not just bloggers. My Baptist father-in-law and his wife came over for supper tonight, in the course of conversation this declaration was mentioned and he immediately recognized what I was speaking about.

So the word IS getting out, perhaps not as quickly as warranted but still getting out.

Mark Brumley

I watched a story on Fox News about it. Does that count?


As the days have gone by, I have seen bits and bits, more and more.

So yes, I guess that counts.

Yet, when the Chiesa piece came out, I don't think there was "extensive coverage in the media." Perhaps I am wrong. Hopefully, more and more media will be discussing it and its significance.

Carl E. Olson

Even The Village Voice is now covering it to some extent...

Robert Miller

I think the Europeans are less invested in their "citizenships" than Americans are. US Catholics still think the Founders were on their side and that, until quite recently, the US state was on their side as well. This state of affairs really says more about the naivete of the Americans than it says about any fault of the Europeans.
US Catholics buy an ahistorical read of US history that begins with a sanitized version of 1776. European Catholics take an unvarnished look at the consequences of 1789.
Actually, it is -- as it always has been -- the European Catholics who have much to teach US Catholics. Unfortunately, most of the popular acceptations of Vatican II got in the way of the project for a long time.


Thank God Christians are standing up for their conscience rights.

"First they came for the Jews..."

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