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Saturday, October 10, 2009



According to both The Old Testament and The New Testament, the Nature of Marriage is that it is a complementary Union. Only in a complementary union can, "two become one", which is why Christ did not say "the two equal two", to begin with.

Our Constitution does not provide for establishing a separate personhood based on "sexual preference."

Stephen Sparrow

Would I be out of order - beinst I'm not from the USA - to suggest that Yasser Arafat must be spinning in his grave? ;-)

Gary Keith Chesterton

This war is over, and we lost. We lost the war because we lost the culture.

It's queer, it's almost here, get ready for it.

We'd better figure out what we are going to do now.


Christians and Catholics alike believe that they're the only religion in America; in fact, they'd be appalled if the Pledge of Allegience included 'Under Allah' or 'Under Jehova.' Why? What makes our views more important than the rest of the world? Are we going to oppress other people because of our 'views', just because we're the majority? What gives us the right over someone of a different belief? I've been a Roman Catholic all of my life, but I'm not going to flip out if gay marriage is legallized. We have to love and support our brothers and sisters, whether we like it or not. We don't protest against alcoholism, or other serious character flaws, even though they are wrong. We're supportive, yet firm with our children that alcholism is NOT a way of life. Simple as that. This is why the Catholic church is always targeted as a 'hate' group, even though I know most certainly we're not. We need to accept and implement a plan, because change WILL COME, whether we like it or not. We need to set the real proper example in this issue, not simply fight a losing battle. Peace to all.

Stephen Sparrow

Um Josh - you're right change will come but the fact of homosexual rights being identified as civil rights will flow over into religion so that in the forseeable future (I won't see it) but others will have to fight govt interference directly into religion so that the RC Church will be confronted with demands by Supreme Court decisions over women priests and actively homosexual men actively being able to force their way into seminaries and demand ordination. There's a small cloud on the horizon - it can only get larger. Saying peace to all won't solve it. Thinking that what I've suggested here is unthinkable is equal to not thinking about it and things that get swept under the rug don't go away.

Jacqueline Y.

Josh, the phrase "this nation, under God" was used by Abraham Lincoln in the Gettysburg Address. It's an expression of reverence toward the Creator of the universe. And "Allah" is the Arabic word for God, used by Arab Christians, as well as by Muslims. Jehovah (Yahweh) comes from the Hebrew of the Old Testament. All these names refer to the same God worshipped by all monotheistic religions.

I agree with you that "we have to love and support our brothers and sisters", but to passively allow marriage to be redefined in our laws would be a failure to "set a real proper example" for future generations.


Josh, refusing to condone homosexual sexual acts or any sexual act that does not respect the Sacredness and Dignity of the Human Person is not oppression. Refering to oneself or any person according to their "sexual preferences" is demeaning. According to our Founding Fathers, our Constitution is based on the Truths that are self-evident because they are endowed to each one of us by our Creator, Nature's God. That would make these Universal Truths, and Nature's God, as referred to by our Founding Fathers, is the Judeo-Christian God, with the capital G.


Alcoholism is never proposed as an attractive lifestyle, or one we should affirm. The hinge in the gay marriage debate is simply this: by institutionalizing anything, you do give it respect and approval. It becomes an acceptable alternative. Gays themselves say their sexuality is central to who they are... The math then becomes simple. If your chosen sin is central to your identity, I cannot embrace that identity, or encourage you in it, or pretend it is in any way OK. We lost the battle long ago when we decided divorce and premarital sex might be wrong, but since everybody was guilty of these things, just maybe the Church was a little wrong. Next thing you know, a 'marriage' with two husbands is a right, and we are 'flipping out' if we say that is unnatural or unhealthy for a community. Lack of gay marriage is NOT oppression. Adding to the consensus that born gay = unavoidably and actively homosexual, and we all just need to deal with it: THAT is moral oppression of the gravest sort. "Well, that's just how they are. God loves us all, gay or straight," is as misleading as any true statement could possibly be. The CDF letter on homosexual persons spells it all out with precision. Meanwhile, Obama wants to "change hearts." Could the cleavage of right and wrong be any clearer?


Our Lord commanded us to "love one another as I have loved you" which is the bones of the Law of our faith. We are to live,act and react from a place of Love as our Lord taught us during his time here on Earth. Equally, we are to hold true to the Truth and keep His Commandments. His Law is clear on what not to do and how to conduct ourselves as His Children. If then we are to Love one another recognizing God in each and every one of us as Christ did by dwelling amongst sinners and guiding them towards His truth, then that command is clear as well. Christ did not sin because he dwelt amongst us as sinners. He lovingly corrected us towards the true path of salvation. This is His guidance and His will now as it was then. If society changes its laws to endorse sin, it does not alleviate us of the responsibility of guiding those compelled to be ruled by man's law towards the truth of His Law. Those indeed ignorant of His law or even foolishly rebellious towards it we must help with loving words, deeds, example and prayer so that they too may find true salvation and wisdom at that final hour. His Law is above all else. We must come together as His Children witholding judgement, acting in and of Love and praying incessently for the salvation of those who do not obey Him. This is every believers command.

Paul-Joseph Stines

Gary says we have lost our culture and he we need to figure out what we are going to do now. What we had better do is the same thing 1st Century Christians did when faced with governmental demands for Emperor worship. Christ will accept nothing less. A very small Christian minority conquered the Roman Empire, not by force of arms or even out voting them, but by converting them. How did they convert the pagan empire? By their example, and trusting in Christ's power - not our own.


What do we think that the Old Testament history of the Israelite nation was all about? When the hearts of a nation, an empire, a civilization turn away from God, their demise inevitably follows, including long periods of tyranny. The history of the past 2000 years bears this out as well.

The only way that the same scenario will not be played out in the great American empire is through a massive changing of hearts. New Covenant divine revelation reminds us of what those first Christians, that Paul-Joseph Stines speaks of, knew from Pentecost, that the Holy Spirit is here and speaks to the hearts of people, converting them. If we do not ask, we will not receive. That is to say that we must ask for a change of heart, a conversion or re-conversion of Catholics in the first place, and everyone else as well. We must storm heaven with our prayers, to use an expression I learned from my Evangelical upbringing. We must enlist the aid of the saints and angels. If this course is to be changed, it is God who can change it. But we have to ask, not for ourselves, but for the sake of those souls who are in danger, including many Catholics who have lost their way. If we stand around with our hands in our pockets, we accept that the die has been cast, and we only need go back to Scripture to see the results. There is no new sin in the world. God has seen it all, and in the past 2000 years the Church has seen it all too.

If it is our lot to undergo great persecution and martyrdom perhaps, like the early Church, so be it. The Church can be purified that way. But it doesn't have to be that way. If only we could pray and beg God with the fervor and tenacity of St. Monica we can literally change the course of history.

In the meantime, while we have our freedom we speak against evil when we see it. We need not give in to it. There is no need to compromise our faith to get along. Is this evil that we see the progress of mankind, a new era, the product of an enlightened age? No, it is the same old evil re-packaged and re-presented, with the same old intimidation.

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