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Friday, October 23, 2009



The second time today I have seen Quo Vadis mentioned. It was recomended on a CD I was listening to as a great book to help you understand the 1st century church. Unfortunately my list of books to read is very long.

Sandra Miesel

Ah, but Brown has slipped to second place on the best seller list, according to Friday's WSJ.

QUO VADIS really is worth reading. The movie is awfully stiff, notable only for the contrasting performances of Leo Genn (Petronius) and Peter Ustinov (Nero).

I am of the opinion that those who read Dan Brown and proclaim him an author for all seasons do so because he is in fact the only author they have read. Anyone who has even a passing familiarity with the classics, including modern ones like Graham Greene and Faulkner, has an understanding of what true longevity is. There will always be authors that appeal to emotions, but not enough of authors who appeal to the soul.

Oh, and before the accusations of snobbery start being hurled at me, do remember that I have no problem with reading for pure entertainment. How else would I get my mystery and fantasy novels in?


Don't worry, coffee, it's not snobbery, but simply reality. One who has tasted of the heights can never again consider Jack-in-the-Box as gourmet. I feel sorry for that fan and those like her. She subsists on junk food yet she's unaware of it, so immersed is she in this mode that as she drowns in the shallows she can only say, like the fish, "Water? WHAT water??"

Paul H

and spins it into an over-the-top but plausible adventure story.

Yeah, but keep in mind that there are people who thought that The X-Files was plausible....


I think "over the top" and "plausible" are actually mutually exclusive terms, aren't they?
But then, again, this IS written in a newspaper, which is no doubt staffed by people who were never taught English in their Journalism classes because grammar, syntax, and word usage were "too restrictive" to their creative spirits.

So what you don't don't know.


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