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Thursday, October 29, 2009



And people believe the reign of the antichrist will be impossible. Yet how many antichrists have been successful for a while in history? Whether his reign is long or short, it is clear from history that it is entirely possible. And to evil, Jesus gives us the remedy: Prayer and fasting. Yes, with God, we - or rather He through us - can overcome evil!

Nicholas Jagneaux

I teach high school American History. I do not hesitate to tell my students about the horrors of the 20th Century, including not ony Hitler, but aslo Stalin and Mao. I show my students their smiling faces; and I recount the millions that died under their "leadership".

In explaining their actions, I do not hesitate to use a word that too many take too lightly: evil.

Joseph Velasquez

God bless you Nicholas, for giving your students the truth about those evil, murderous socialist monsters. I pray that despite the overwhelming odds, the youth of today can somehow overcome the mindless and historically vacant public US government school system to save and preserve our precious Republic.

Teachers like you can make all the difference. Keep up the good work.

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