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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Robert Miller

This certainly is not intended as veiled criticism of Pope Benedict's apostolic constitution, nor as disparagement of aspiring Roman/Anglo-Catholics, but what precisely, are these "liturgical riches of the Anglican heritage" that are not drawn from the Roman Catholic heritage itself?

I prefer the interpretation of His Holiness' action that he believes the worldwide Anglican Communion is (and always has been) a theological cesspool, a religious front for nominalist/agnostic Angloph(il/on)e imperialism -- and that now is the time to throw a life raft to those who may want to bail out of a bankrupt project. May liquidation of Anglican (English-speaking) exceptionalism proceed with all haste!

As for Anglican liturgical "riches", I hope the answer to my initial question is not the Prayer Book or the King James Bible. Spare us! Who needs such drivel who has the Vulgate, the Douay-Rheims Bible, the Missal of Pope John XXIII and the new English-language translation of the the Missal of Pope Paul VI?

Having said that: Welcome aboard, Roman/Anglo-Catholic friends (a number of them personal friends)!


Puh-LEEZE. The King James Bible is drivel?
Only if beauty of language and sheer poetry of expression are drivel. And before you assail me doctrinally, let's just say that I have no argument with Douay-Rheims, except that the version I remember from my childhood was virtually unintelligble. And we won't even go INTO the brutality the translators of the NAB did to "For unto us a child is born..."



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