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Friday, October 30, 2009



Thanks for a great post! I laughed so hard I almost fell out of my chair! Actually, I heard an interview with Richard Dawkins on MPR the other day, and I was absolutely flabbergasted by the ignorance and flabby thinking he displayed. He employed the usual "religion is a crutch" arguments, plus the bizarre idea mentioned in the post that the idea of religion is useful in an evolutionary sense because people need an explanation for the unexplanable (the idea being that the unexplanable is only unexplanable until science catches up). What I found most intriguing was his idea that "spirituality" amounts to an uplifted, emotional feeling in the chest when encountering artistic or natural beauty, and that "spirituality" has been "hijacked" by religion! Let me get this straight: spirituality, which deals with the spiritual realm, the unseen, spirits, (hence the word SPIRITuality) has always been the province of religion. Yet this religiously bigoted and illiterate person has the nerve to define spirituality as a squishy sort of emotional reaction to beauty (which, in my observations seems to have replaced actual spiritual inclinations, especially in the secular crowd), and then to say that this squishy emotionalism has been hijacked by religion!!

If this is the best the atheists have to throw at us, we've got nothing to worry about, except, perhaps, all the other equally bigoted and ignorant people who actually believe their nonsense. Let us pray that people will be smarter than that.

M. Jordan Lichens

I will never understand why Bill Maher is such a big name among atheists. Sure, he doesn't believe in God, but he also doesn't believe in germs or vaccines and mocks "Western Medicine" with such arrogance. Dawkins and Co think Christianity is dangerous, but if we had Maher running the show it would truly be a return to the Dark Ages; well, we'd have the plagues and chaos without the positive points of art, literature and culture.

Kevin C.

"The man is a wit wrapped in a genius outfit, swaddled in sassy, deep-fried in searing sarcasm, and smothered in spicy polemics."

Talking about yourself again, Carl?

Richard Dawkins is as brilliant as a black hole and I mean inside the event horizon.

Bill Maher and the whole coterie of "comics" in HBO are also headed for the dust bin. Their shows survive because they enjoy a priviliged corner in cable aimed at a supposedly "sophisticated" niche audience. Were they to compete in an open, Nielsen-driven market, they would have perished long ago.



As a PhD in the biological sciences, and former medical researcher, I am OFFENDED every time Dawkins is mentioned. He is the sort of individual that gives science and scientists a false and negative image. I actually don't know anyone in my field that pays attention to that man. May God forgive him, Maher and company... For their sake, I hope they don't know what they're saying. May the Holy Spirit enlighten their hearts and minds, that they may recognize the great harm their obtuseness and arrogance are instigating.


Maher is basically a no-talent. He has never made me chuckle let alone laugh. He's just a nasty, snide guy.

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