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Tuesday, October 27, 2009



This would be a wonderful gift to the church. I believe Cardinal Pell would help repair mother Church. But i fear for my country, Australia. Liberal Bishops would be the only leaders of the church left.

Marcel LeJeune

Lord may it happen please.

John Rayner

If Cardinal Pell were to go to Rome it would indeed be Rome's gain and Australia's loss, but I cannot totally agree that only liberal bishops would be left. Bishops Anthony Fisher and Dennis Hart could hardly be called liberal and my own Archbishop Barry James Hickey, although not a standout in the style of Cardinal Pell, could hardly be called a liberal either.


Cardinal Pell gleams with that aura of holiness that I only see in few other cardinals, bishops and priests.(the only others I can think of is Father Mitch Pacwa and Father Anthony Mary on EWTN).
He understands Gods laws and is not afraid to stand up for Truth. He is straight talking and couragous; something that our Church needs in all clergy in these chaotic times.
God Bless his path no matter where he goes in this life.

Anthony Bidgood

Besides the bishops mentioned by JARay I would include Bishop Prowse and Bishop Elliott. Both, today, led a special Angelus and Rosary at Saint Agatha's church in Cranbourne for a successful outcome to the talks being held between the Holy See and the SSPX. Not the actions of 'liberal' bishops. Archbishop Coleridge of Canberra, where ordinations to the FSSP were held last year, does not strike me as a 'liberal' either.

In Christo,
Anthony Bidgood

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