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Sunday, October 11, 2009


Dan Deeny

Fr. Moloney seems to be yet another troubled Catholic priest. Let us pray for him and for ourselves.


Those who profess to be Catholic know that all those who Walk in The Spirit, choose Life, and any act that is not oriented to the Will of God, is not an act of Love to begin with.

Failing to always live our Lives according to The Truth and asking for God's Forgiveness is not the same as denying that The Truth is The Truth.

Robert J. Stipp

They can't refuse him a church burial one week and show up for the reading of the will the next, now, can they?


I seriously would really like to hear how Fr. Moloney gets from perceived opposition to and criticism of Kennedy's funeral liturgy to the Irish abuse scandal.

I've thought about it and the only way I could possibly follow that train of thought is by wide vague generalizations, and even then it would be a stretch.

Very odd indeed. As to the funeral in question, I accept Dr. Peters Canon Law explanation and conclusion. As to non-Catholic friends who are scandalized I compare it to the Catholic funerals of Mafiosa. We can't read the heart. Although it could be argued that the political stance on abortion of such a high profile and respected politician may well have led to far more deaths than any Mafia godfather could ever contemplate.

But that is to rehash the debate.


We, too often, are involved in items that should not merit this much attention.The funeral is over and the choice was made.
Focus instead on God's mercy as it may relate to you and your's. He has already been judged and by now knows when life begins.

Carl E. Olson

Surely, Thomas, you don't think we should give people—priest or otherwise—a free pass when it comes to false witness? This is not so much about Ted Kennedy, but about a priest making false and rather slanderous accusations against a well-respected canon lawyer. That warrants the attention it is getting here.


One way that can help to understand the Church's thinking as represented in Canon Law is in the Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard. Matthew 20:1-16. That comes directly from Jesus Christ.

There was a time in the early days of the Church when penance was very public and very heavy, and as a consequence there were some people who "converted" but waited till the end of their lives to be baptized. A calculated risk and one which would seriously cast doubt upon their genuine repentance for sin. But again, God knows the heart.

Thomas, you are right that by now Ted Kennedy knows the truth. But the entire episode should not be let slide, regardless of how we view the Bishop's decision. There is a great waft of scandal, in and out of the Church, and we must ask at the very least, how it is possible that a man who defies unequivocal Church teaching could carry as much political sway as he did, and could get away with the public self representation as a son of the Church all the while, regardless of any change of heart along the way.

It seems to me that the only way he could get by with that is if many Catholics were ignorant of the teaching of the Church, or defiant themselves. So, in a sense, the moral of the story is that there a lot of Catholics, perhaps all of us, who can share the blame for the harm to unborn children that can be honestly said is a huge part of the legacy of Ted Kennedy. And the lesson is that if Catholics were simply faithful to the teaching of the Church regardless of political ideology, such people as Kennedy would not have been given such positions of influence, or would have been shouted down in protest if they claimed to faithful to the Church while acquiecsing to and promoting the murder of babies.

And we know there are many others of a high political profile who claim to be "devout" Catholics who carry the same pro-abortion banner. Ted Kennedy was probably the most influential for the longest time but the over-arching issue is still very much on the table and will continue to be.


Moloney's article brought to mind Archbishop Burke's recent speech.

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