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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


M. L. Hearing

Yep. The fires burn hot in the belly of the modern Moloch. We just throw the children in a little earlier than the ancient Canaanites did.

M. L. Hearing

Francis Marion Braidfute


This is my perspective, naturally, not many may agree; however it is based upon my experience and knowledge. With new knowledge I may think differently. I am, and have changed my mind on issues, often, based on new factual evidence.

I think on a superficial level that is true. If I was aware of any Jesuit organisations who are active in creating an environment where only children who are very much wanted and loved by mommy and daddy, are conceived into the womb, I would agree. But the encouragement of slave and cannon fodder breeding, whether conscious or covert (be denying an honest conversation about the issues relating thereto, or contraceptive measures for poor women, or how sexual slavery is one of the largest business empires on the planet, etc) means that in my view there are millions of babies in wombs, of mothers who really if given their own preferences would not want that baby in her womb.

So, i think it is a little hypocritical, for men who do very little to enable such poor women, to achieve a sense of procreation destiny over their lives; to pretend 'concern' about the babies being carried in these women's wombs; when they did precious little to give the woman the opportunity to make sure the sperm did not force itself into her womb. The future for many of these unwanted babies in allegedly 'peaceful' wombs, is for the most part, in our overpopulated world colliding with scarce and finite resource (which unfortunately god is being extremely stubborn about, and refusing to simply replenish with trillions of barrels of more oil, etc!), is one of sexual slavery, or that of a refugee, or similar.

Anyway, that is my view as a 42 year old woman, who has never been pregnant, nor had an abortion; nor advocated for population, or economic growth, or materialist consumerism.

Here is a recent letter on the issue, I wrote to the Jesuit Refugee Service - Europe, if you are interested, on the issue of President Obama's 25.5 million Nuclear Refugees Nobel Peace Prize (PDF).


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