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Saturday, October 17, 2009


Kim Jordan

Deo gratias!



Think of how far we've come. I just hope EWTN broadcasts the Mass. Is the Holy Father expected to be in choir?


I hear Burke has been appointed to the Congregation for Bishops. That means he gets to have much more influence on future bishop appointments. This is a good thing. Same thing with the Spanish Cardinal who was also put on the same board. He has been called little Ratzinger. We need more rats in the hierarchy!

Robert Miller

What worries me is that so many who love the Forma Extraordinaria and sound moral doctrine don't seem to understand (or want to understand) the ecclesiological and eschatological vision that made the motu proprio possible. We really need to read Ratzinger "whole", understanding that his real objective is to give the 1962 Missal life again, so that it can begin to develop again. (I served Mass using the previous version of the Missal, and I can remember the few, minor changes. I also remember the "dialogue Mass" of the late 1950s, which it might be useful to reinstitute -- I don't think the main principle of the "old" Mass was that the congregation was supposed to remain mute).

Anyway, I hope Benedict will soon celebrate in forma extraordinaria at the High Altar at St. Peter's. Whether he does or not, Viva il Papa!

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