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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


aimee at historical christian

I love Fatima, have read about it in detail and visited there, and found the movie to be a faithful narrative about the actual events. And it was very dramatic, very gripping. Really brought it to life, captured and showed the emotions of the people involved at the time, children, parents, bystanders, everyone - and made the audience feel it. I especially loved the depiction of Mary, the best I've seen in cinema so far.

We had to fill out a review form, and one of the questions was about if the film could be used as an evangelistic tool. Considering how it was done, I think it would be best for Catholic audiences, as there was no explanation of what an apparition is, what we believe about Mary. Though a faithful and moving depiction of events, it might be a little hard for someone outside the Catholic world to understand.

But I could be wrong. Considering the messages about 20th century events, it could speak to someone outside the Catholic world. I'd be curious to see how a non-Catholic, Protestant or other, would respond to it.


I saw The 13th Day movie last night and it brought joy to my heart and soul. It was awesome, inspiring and divine. It made me want to say more rosaries and pray even more. There was alot more detail in this movie that is so relevant in our current times. I commend all that had a part in making this movie and I will pray that it's message reaches all the souls in the world. We need more movies like this.

thomas dunn

The movie cost one million to produce. A typical hollywood movie cost can exceed one hundred million. Be prepared for what the produceres had to work with.
The movie was shot in a format that looked as a individual pictures joined together.
It was a visual theme as opposed to a story line. They did not attent to each monthly visit and some events were credited to the wrong time frame.
The purpose of this movie was to highlight the greatest predicated miracle since Christs Ascencion to Heaven. This was done with style and the emotions this awakened is well worth the time and effort needed to view the movie. See it.

Mark Brumley

Of course the screenings were for select Catholic audiences, so you would not have a lot of explanation of the sort your describe, Aimee. I agree that if the film is used in a more evangelistical setting, it would be helpful for some "set Up" for nonCatholics or nonChristians.


Yesterday evening I had the pleasure to watch a screening of "The 13th Day".

It's been the first movie about Fatima in decades and it was a refreshing approach to it. It cast an eye on the events and on the Little Shepherds in a contemporary cinematographic way. It was beautifully photographed mostly in black-and-white and used color only during the apparitions.

I really appreciated how it balanced the focus between the events and how they affected the Little Shepherds. It's very hard to portray the interior spiritual experiences of saints on film, but I think that in "The 13th Day" they accomplished it pretty well, or as well as it's possible in a movie. It was beautiful to see how the children grew into holiness after their encounters with Mary. It was an almost Carmelite glance at them, because it conveyed what words cannot convey.

Keep an eye for it and make a point to watch it. It's well worth it, whether you're a Catholic or not.

May Our Lady of Fatima pray for us.

aimee at historical christian

Hi Mark - Was the film not made with a wider release in mind? I thought part of the purpose of the screening was to get positive feedback to help get the movie into mainstream theaters. Which, by the way, I hope happens! I think a lot of people could really respond to it.

My reservations come mainly from my own former Protestant background, where any attention paid to Mary is considered a form of idolatry. I worry that the film could be misinterpreted by people from that background who don't know the actual Church teaching about Mary - I don't want them to think the children or anyone else are actually worshiping Mary or confusing her with God when she appears!

On the other hand, I'm an evangelist, have been developing a training program in door to door evangelism, and have found that many people are curious and have questions about Mary, what the Church teaches about Mary. I don't want to underestimate the power of grace, and the movie could be an occasion for good conversations about Mary, a "teaching moment" about her. It is a beautiful, powerful movie, had me teared up several times. I want to own it - I can't wait for it to come out on DVD!

Mark Brumley

I'm not sure, aimee, I am following you. Are you saying that you think the movie itself should have included explanations of apparitions, etc? It seeems to me very difficult to do well the kind of exposition that involves and at the same time make a compelling film.

The film was made for a wider release in the sense the filmmakers didn't want to limit their audience but I don't think they're envisioning being all things to all men here. This is, after all, a film about a Marian apparition.

As a former anti-Catholic Fundamentalist myself, I know that many Protestants would not understand the film. I think it is the task of Catholics to help them understand it and in that way it can be a tool for evangelization.

Thomas Kostelec

I saw the 13th Day at Holy Spirit Parish, Fremont, CA. The movie was well done. A new movie about Fatima will tell millions
of people, who know nothing about the events that took place there in 1917, what happened. All the millions of people
who know what happened there, will be reminded not to forget about Fatima and the special secret the Blessed Mother
gave to Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.


First, I do want to say that the film was very visually beautiful and well done. I may be in the minority of feeling a little disappointed, because I didn't feel that the movie expressed or would express the urgency of the Fatima messages or the necessity and power of the Holy Rosary and penance to those who have little or no knowledge of either. I think that an important detail that could have easily portrayed this would have been including the fact that Francisco was not able to see Our Lady without praying the Rosary and that Our Lady would take him to heaven, but not without many Rosaries...I liked the mentions that Francisco never complained when he was ill and that Jacinta's final offering was dying alone, but I would have liked to have seen some of the other penances the children had offered. Also, while it's nice that Fatima means "peace" in another language, I felt that the ending almost gave that false sense of peace, by failing to stress in conclusion that true peace comes only from God, through Jesus Christ and the intercession of Mary. Still, I enjoyed the film and praise God for His most Sacred Heart and also for giving us His Mother. Blessed be God forever!

Carmelite Brother

I have a question for those who have seen this movie: I have a special devotion to Our Lady of Mt Carmel and her Brown Scapular. According to the Fatima accounts (On Friday, July 13, 1917) and of Our Lady's final appearances to the children during the miracle of the sun: She appeared the THIRD and FINAL time to the three children on that day, dressed in the Brown Habit of Carmel, holding the Brown Scapular in her hands... while Our Lord stood beside her, slowly raised His hand and blessed the great crowd in the Cova below. During this time no words were spoken. Lucia later said: "Our Lady never looked so beautiful as when she appeared in Her Carmelite Habit." The very fact that she was holding the brown scapular tells us that she wants us to take it and use it! Lucia again said: "Our Lady wants everyone to wear it! The Rosary and the scapular are inseparable!" Was the brown scapular message portrayed in this movie?

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