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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Magister Christianus

In Meditation XVII, John Donne wrote the famous lines, "No man is an Island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the Continent, a part of the main." Addressing only the issue of the play at the Catholic high schools, I will say that what they are doing affects so many more than just themselves. When other Christian schools try to maintain a standard of academic excellence and Christian faithfulness in their curricula and activities, their job is made all the more difficult by actions such as these schools are making. It is difficult enough to stand for what is right in a world that rejects Truth, but when so-called Christian schools likewise reject what the true, the good, and the beautiful, earnestly striving Christian schools then must answer the question, "Why aren't you like those others?" Kyrie, eleison; Christe, eleison; Kyrie, eleison.

Francis Beckwith

The Gonzaga piece is particularly disturbing since the author does not seem to see her own irony. While claiming that we ought to treat all families equally she asserts that all views on the nature of the family are not equal, for she describes those who disagree with her account as ignorant and not evolved. But why is ignorance bad? It's bad because the mind has a proper end because of its nature. Those who choose to remain ignorant violate their mind's intrinsic purpose. So, in order for the Gonzaga writer to defend sexual egalitarianism she must embrace cognitive elitism. Thus, she does not believe in equality after all. She believes that some ideas are better than others, and that some minds function properly while others don't.


The joys of homosexuality??? Yuck!! I'm so happy to be ignorant. I would rather be joyful in my ignorance than putting my life and soul at risk. That type of progress gives me hives. As Magister said, the sad thing about this is that evil and sin are celebrated in supposedly Catholic schools. I keep hearing the echo of Lucifer's words, "I will not serve!", also said with pride. In the end, these immature and confused souls, will never know what real love is. The ones that are helping them destroy their souls do not really love them.


Catholic schools have gone down the crapper. They're hardly Catholic anymore. Dissidence and ignorance and suppression of faithful presentation of doctrine are rampant. The problems are administrators and teachers -- even religion teachers -- who do not have Catholic faith themselves, but rather a subjectively validated set of religious beliefs that overlaps somewhat with Catholicism but is really grounded in leftist ideology. Liberalism is the true religion of Catholic schools, and you're seeing evidence of it in stories such as these.

Mark Brumley

Nailed it, Frank. (Again.)


Is it sinful for a Catholic to give up hope in Catholic schools?

Mike McFarland

And once again the Church will do nothing about it

Rich Leonardi

In all seriousness, why would anyone send their kids to a Catholic college over a public university with a decent Newman Center? Fortunately, many bishops understand that now and are making sure the center chaplain is no longer Fr. Feelgood or a castaway malcontent.

Charles E Flynn

This is not a comment. It is just a link to a book review.

Ed Peters

1. Not sinful, Dexter, but dopey perhaps, given that "Catholic schools", assuming they are objects of beleif in the first place, are of such a wide variety that surely one cannot conclude they are all lost.

2. ND's instinct for institutional suicide continues to astound.


Our Lady of Fatima, Pray for us.

Mark L.

This may have been uncharitable but as a Gonzaga graduate (B.S. '82, J.D. '86) I had to let the Bulletin have a piece of my mind about the pro-death club:

What planet are you people from? You attend a CATHOLIC university and expect to be able to have an officially recognized pro-death club? Further, did any of you pass freshman logic? You don't exactly appear to be censored or silenced since your are clearly able to rant and whine in the pages of the Bulletin. How, exactly have you been denied the right to speak and voice your opinion? You have simply, and correctly, been denied the sponsorship of the University for an organization with a stated goal diametrically opposed to Catholic teaching. One question: would any of you seriously think you could set up a KKK chapter at Howard University (it's one of the "traditionally black" universities)? No, I didn't think so. In fact, I suspect you would be ready to tar and feather anyone who tried. Why don't you take your weak liberal act to a state school where you can have all the "diverse" organizations you want and leave Gonzaga for the faithful Catholics?

Sign me "A Disgusted Alum"


Every Gonzaga alum should write what Mark wrote...and flood the university with it. Sometimes one voice crying in the wildnerness is easy to ignore, but thousands of them make enough racket that they at least get attention. Cut off the funding to these Catholic schools. Write to their bishops and explain why you will be telling everyone you know NOT to send money to these schools or contribute to them in any way. Don't go to their athletic or cultural events; withdraw your support from them in every possible way, and convey to the people in charge, OFTEN, the reason WHY you're doing so. If enough of us scream loud enough, the ivory tower dwellers will at least have to deal with us in some way. They may call us names, they may rebuke us for ignorance, but at least they won't have our silent, despairing complaisance as the only reaction they "hear" and take as assent...and they won't have our money to spend on such nonsense.

That's my take,

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