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Friday, September 11, 2009


Brian J. Schuettler

Kmiec : (proper name, usually used now in the past tense e.g.Weigel was Kmiec(ed))

contemporary meaning - dead Catholic walking, sensibility without sense, pseudo-Catholic
usually used pejoratively "Hey dude, you're not a real Catholic, you must be one of those Kmiecs!"
Variations: Kmiec powder puff - high calories, no discernible value added to nourish the organism

T. Shaw

I'm uncertain: Kmiec couldn't vote for McCain b/c Bush/Cheney waterboarded terrorists to get intel to save lives? But, he could hyperactively support Obama despite the fact that nothing "good" will come of O's uber abortion position, artificial contraception, class envy, government brigandage/confiscatory taxation, etc.

Secular socialism is not Christian charity. And, 43,000,000 murdered unborn babies are not "chopped liver."

This is the translation of the italian wiki article on the europa website... (the Italian follows) though wiki isn't the greatest, it is typically more accurate than not. And the article shocked me...


Europe is a daily Italian, the official newspaper of the Democratic Party.

It was founded on February 12 2003 as a newspaper Democracy is Freedom - The Daisy, with director Nino Rizzo Nervo. The editorial is based in Rome.

Currently the editor is Stephen Menichini, while co-director Federico Orlando and Deputy John Cocconi and Clare Chilblains.

Every week (on Friday) the newspaper publishes insert in "Tuscany Europe", which deals with the specific political events in the region of Tuscany. Europe is the heir of the newspaper The People, which preserves part of the writing and many collaborators.

Original Italian:
Europa è un quotidiano italiano, organo di stampa ufficiale del Partito Democratico.

È stato fondato il 12 febbraio 2003 come quotidiano di Democrazia è Libertà - La Margherita, con direttore Nino Rizzo Nervo. La redazione ha sede a Roma. Attualmente il direttore responsabile è Stefano Menichini, mentre è condirettore Federico Orlando e sono vicedirettori Giovanni Cocconi e Chiara Geloni.

Ogni settimana (il venerdì) il giornale pubblica l'inserto "Europa Toscana", che si occupa nello specifico delle vicende politiche della regione Toscana. Europa è l'erede del quotidiano Il Popolo, del quale conserva parte della redazione e molti collaboratori.

Gail F

“He thinks and speaks like a Catholic”, said Michelle Dillon, sociologist at New Hampshire University.


Gail F

Okay, I read the whole Europa piece. It is one of the more bizarre things I have ever read in my life. I think there is a real a possibility that teh reporter is stark, raving mad!

Becky H.

Gail F said "Okay, I read the whole Europa piece. It is one of the more bizarre things I have ever read in my life. I think there is a real a possibility that teh reporter is stark, raving mad!"

No he is not mad. The article is "cleverly devised" so as to get those who do not know their faith that well to believe that Obama holds to Catholic teaching. If they can get them to believe that then they can get them to follow Obama's teaching rather than the Churchs. Remember, you cannot intentionally lie unless you know the truth otherwise you wouldn't know what to lie about.

Makes you wonder why an Italian newspaper should care what Italians think about an American President.

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