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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Dan Deeny

Thank you for this interesting interview.
I imagine Ambassador Kmiec and Ambassador Diaz would agree wholeheartedly with Fr. Schall. As would Sec. Sebelius, who is deeply hurt by the action of her bishop. Sen Thomas Harkin, a law school graduate of Catholic University, would, I suppose, also wholeheartedly agree with Fr. Schall.
I hope Fr. Schall can write an essay on how it is that devout Catholics can support the abortion business. We must remember that Sen. Kennedy became pro-choice following the instructions of learned and scholarly priests. We might also remember that pro-choice Catholics sometimes refer to Matthew 25 in support of their actions.
Let us pray that Fr. Schall will bring us light.

Magister Christianus

I teach Latin and Theory of Knowledge at a large public high school and happened to read this interview while at lunch. If God would grant me the grace to do so, I believe I would begin to weep. Fr. Schall has poignantly expressed what humane education is all about. This is it. There is nothing else. Thank you for publishing this piece.

Gail F

It would help if Catholic elementary and high schools taught in a Catholic way, instead of being (ours anyway) the same as non-Catholic schools, but with a couple of prayers and a religion class thrown in. I am profoundly disappointed with the "Catholic" part of what I pay tuition for.


What would help is if more Catholics who believe in this vision of Catholic education went into teaching and for those diocese that have a department that deals with, curriculum development.

As well, we need more Catholics who believe along the lines of Fr. Schall in elementary and high school administration. A lot of the battles are there but few are there to stand up for what is truly Catholic.

I say this as someone who has been in Catholic education for nine years and have seen multiple approaches to making an education "Catholic" and/or making it "up to date" and something that will "appeal" to a wider student population. Perhaps the word "tragic" is most apt when describing what has happened to many Catholic schools and Catholic education in the broader sense throughout this nation.

That said, there are many of us trying to assist with a Catholic education. Just not enough to make the difference noticeable on a national scale.

Imagine what would happen if Catholics went into education and brought Catholic values into the Catholic schools the same way many leftists or multiculturalists did with the government schools the past few decades!

What a difference we would see. A redemption, no doubt!

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