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Thursday, September 17, 2009


Kim Jordan

In light of your post, this may be of interest:

David Murdoch

I converted to catholicism, and I descend from lines of free masons on both sides of my family. My paternal grandfater broke the tradition on that side of the family and refused to be part of the group. He hated the masons, according to what my father tells me, and said that there were just a bunch of arrogant and selfish men who were looking after each but had no concern for helping other people. I don't personally know if that charicature is accurate or not, although I have my doubts that Mr. Brown would know better. In some ways I wonder if perhaps the masons are being made popular simply becaus the church has criticized them?

God Bless,


The notion that Catholics can't be Masons should be too obvious to need arguing for - just read the Encyclicals.

So I really can't understand why you would begin such an argument with a blatantly incorrect statement: "No pope has ever been a mason". Setting aside the controversy regarding Blessed John XXIII, which is probably just an excuse for sedevacantism, we still have Blessed Pius IX - who joined the Lodge in Chile in 1839, signed his name to the initiation record which a lodge in Italy still has, and was publicly expelled for perjury in 1874 after writing his encyclical against them. Obviously, he wasn't a practicing Mason through his papacy, but he did join the lodge and never protested when he was expelled.


Masons worship Lucifier, nuff said.


I Googled 'Pius IX freemason' and came up with that he had been 'secretly initiated' in Philadelphia and Sicily but nothing about Chile. lol

I also found this:

On the other hand, we cannot absolve the Masons for resorting to wild exaggeration
and fables in seeking to discredit the papal condemnations. For years they circulated
the canard that Popes Benedict XIV and Pius IX had themselves been initiated into the
lodge. Such preposterous stories have been retold in the pages of the New Age
although they have the same sort of historical basis as the legend of Pope Joan. In a
solemn allocution on April 20, 1849, Pius IX referred to the rumour about his Masonic
initiation and denounced it as "the blackest of all calumnies."

Chapter 8 of "Christianity and American Freemasonry" by William J. Whalen,

Sandra Miesel

It's necessary to deny that popes were Masons because some people believe it, sad to say. I first heard the charge from a Mason more than 50 years ago and it's a staple of RadTrad opinion.

Please correct an error in the original--the Church lost $240M not $240K in the Vatican bank scandal.

Dan Brown's LOST SYMBOL demonstrates why the Church's prohibition on Masonry is right, even in the absence of "Masonic plots." Their view of reality is fundamentally incompatible with basic Christian beliefs about God,Man and the Universe.


Regarding the earlier comment, "In a
solemn allocution on April 20, 1849, Pius IX referred to the rumour about his Masonic
initiation and denounced it as 'the blackest of all calumnies.'":

I'm glad to hear that.

Charles E Flynn

The phrase "the blackest of all calumnies" is probably more memorable than anything Dan Brown has written.

Freemasonry Watch

If Freemasonry has been able to achieve control of the Political Party apparatus and heirarchy in so many countries then why do you assume they would not attempt a similiar 'achievement' with the Catholic Church? They certainly enjoyed such a state of affairs for many decades in the heirarchy of the Church of England.

There is compelling evidence that there is a network of Freemasons operating in the Episcopate of the Catholic Church and that John XXII and Paul VI were Freemasons.

The history of Freemasonry placing their members inside institutions shows that once such a state of affairs is achieved by the Brotherhood it is not easily undone - or given up.

Sincerely & Respectfully Submitted,

leo the lion

I joined the Masons in the 80's. My fellow co-workers were Masons and I'm a Catholic. I did not know the Catholic Church prohibited this. That is, until the pastor informed me of the excomunication. I stopped participating. I got to the third level of Freemasonry.

When I relealized the Catholic Church prohibited this, the gravity of offense against the church,,,, I went to Confession and the church absolved me from this sin.

Thomas O'Brien

No wonder the United States is
considered as "Satan" by the
Moslem countries. If you look
at the web site(www.cuttingedge.
org). You will find the United
States was built upon Freemasonry. George Washington and a few others were even Free
masons, even old Betsy Ross who
made the flag was a Freemason.

Martha Murphy

May I sugggest that people read "Masons for Dummies" All you need to know about the Masons. Also "Catholisim for Dummies" All you need to know about Catholics. Then treat yourself to a balanced and fair view.

Lisa Turner

There are two books I highly recommend both by John Salza.
• "The Hidden Side of Freemasonry"
• "Masonry Unmasked: An Insider Reveals the Secrets of the Lodge"

George Washington converted to Catholicism on his death bed. A priest from Georgetown came to Mount Vernon. It is documented. The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to Washington at Valley Forge. The symbols are linked to Christianity,
not masonry as they would like you to believe.


Gnosticism dates back at least to Simon Magus and has always been an enemy of Chrisitanity. Esoteric Freemasonry is a modern day form of gnosticism which claims that the God of the Old Testament is a demigod and the unknown god is Lucifer. This explains why Dan Brown has also written a positive book on Freemasonry.

Sandra Miesel

No, George Washington did not convert to Catholicism on his deathbed. He had a Masonic funeral by his own dying request.

No, Our Lady did not appear to Washington at Valley Forge. That fable comes from the visions at Necedah WI which were condemned by the Church in the strongest terms.


Buying a book by Dan Brown is one dumb idea to fill his coffers


I was given a copy of the Scottish rite of Freemasonry and I must say that it is very strange and other worldly. The most striking thing was that it it's historical reference and claims are based on pure fairy tales. I have heard from other Masons that the practice is basically Christian and God centered. After reading the Scottish Rites Book I was convinced that you would be hard pressed to see anything Christian, let alone truly God centered. It is no more than a bunch of pagan rituals set in degrees. And if you really want to know what the Catholic Church teaches, read the Catechism or the Catholic Church (Not Catholics for dummies) and scripture side by side. By doing this you will have effectively come to understand The Catholic Church and divine revelation in the best way possible for a layman, short of going to the seminary. Books for dummies are an affrontry to the intellect of thinking human beings endowed with the gift of reason. You will find no balance in reading either of the "Dummy books". Go to the sources and God will enlighten your mind and heart about the One True Church, and the sickness of masonic thought. The truths of Christ will set you free.

James Kabala

Mrs. Miesel: Actually the Washington BVM apparition legend has even weirder roots:

Snopes doesn't make the connection between this antebellum Protestant claim of a vision of an angel and the later Catholic version, Ms. Mikkelson and her crew probably being unaware of the latter, but I think one must spring from the other.

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